The Great Performances – Chinese Edition

Jun 2, 2005
The Great Performances – Chinese Edition
In a line of Elvis releases in China the CD “The Great Performances” has been released. Design Like most releases from Asia this CD is comes in a great package. We know the cover from the original release. This edition comes in a three panel digipack with several surprises. The first panel contains the original liner notes; from behind the middle panel you can draw the CD on a CD-holder and the booklet which contains the lyrics in English and Chinese. Inside the third panel you’ll find a fold-out poster of Elvis (Army picture). Strangly the flyer with a questionnaire informs if you are happy with your Warner and that is one of the few logos not featured on this set. Content Contrary to many releases from Asia this release does not come with a bonus CD or bonus tracks. At the time of release this CD contained the gem “My Happiness”, Elvis first – private – recording on the SUN label. Besides that the CD was one of the better “best of” releases with strong tracks. Many fifty tracks, a few sixties and finally a few gems from the seventies. Good to play them again. The audio quality has not been improved, many tracks, already available in stereo or remastered quality are not used on this release. Conclusion With many releases from Asia, most collectors buy these for the package. So for them this could be interesting, for the casual fan this release contains no new material.
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