The First Week

Nov 15, 1999
The first week of has passed. And not unnoticed, not for us and obviously not for our readers too. We had (and still have) a tremendous amount of work to transform the old Elvis Telegraph and making these new pages effective as possible. Tools like the search-box for the archive and guide to the Amazon-site are very useful for the user in our opinion. The reactions this first week, as mentioned before, were great. In both amount an content. Again we like to thank you for all the support, it really makes it worth all the work we put in this magazine. Two reactions should be named. The first was by the Graceland Staff. They thanked us for the "constructive criticism" and told us they are doing a site revision next year. Unfortunately they didn't place the award yet, so maybe we have to reconsider the points we gave. The second reaction we have to mention was from one of our readers, who is member of "The Presley Connection", an U.S.-based fanclub. The fanclub reviewed our Elvis Telegraph-pages in their magazine. This is the text we got: "Quite possibly the newest Elvis sight on the web. Still in it's infancy in that they are still experimenting with features that work and that don't. It is obvious though that this baby is well on its way to becoming a great site. Presentation wise, it's plain and simple, like a good newspaper should be. The name pretty much tells you what to expect. It's laid out like the front page of a newspaper, masthead included. Navigation is a snap. The sections are all on the same screen in easy to view columns. They offer news and reviews of CD's and books, late breaking news flashes and a very in-depth section dedicated to reviewing Elvis Internet Sites. Two of the greatest features this site has to up option. You see the Elvis Telegraph is "published" on the web every week. This site is continuing to grow and improve. I feel it is well worth the time to sign up" Not bad for a "baby website", we are thankful for their opinion and hope they like our new look and feel too, or maybe even better. In return we'll give a quick pre-review of their site: It's very functional, giving a good profile of their club, which is obviously their main goal. The biggest minor on the site is that the last two pages are not in their, otherwise very consequent, basic look. Check them out yourself at The Presley Connection.
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