The Elvis Files

Jan 5, 2006
The Elvis Files
Released on DVD by MRA Entertainment at the end of 2005 is the documentary DVD "The Elvis Files". This 1990 "documentary" investigates the question if Elvis is still alive. Design The cover graces a classic picture Elvis, nothing wrong here. The DVD menu is basic, but well designed. Content Is the content as good as the design? The story is told in a standard way, interviews, good pictures and (then) good footage. So called "experts", authors (of "Orion" and "The Presley Arrangement") and (former) FBI agents share their light on the theory that Elvis is still alive and faked his own death. By asking a lot of "why questions" on "strange" events, (missing) items, (missing) documentation, procedures not followed and pictures taken after August 16, 1977 showing Elvis watching fans pass by his grave, they conclude something wasn't right. Interesting enough Elvis' first cousin Gene Smith cooperates with this documentary and claims it wasn't Elvis in the coffin. The guessing continues, with the help of so called experts they conclude Elvis supposedly faked his own death, but why? Their investigations (or should we say guessing) leads them to the conclusion that Elvis officially was an undercover agent of the FBI and he provided cover for another FBI agent who posed as one of his band members. Due to his help he received death treats and had to fake his own death as part of a Federal witness protection program. Supposedly being alive the next question is, how would he support himself living in Kalamazoo and Germany? We could continue with more sentences starting with "supposedly" ... but we won't. Conclusion If you want to have a good laugh, get this DVD.
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Elvisy (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 10, 2006report abuse
I have this casette now on DVD ofcourse,I made a real good story. As far as I'm concerned this a load of cooked up stuff and money making. If only fans would realize that Elvis WAS dead and his internal organs are at the Baptist Memorial Hospital, then they would'nt be taken for a ride. Infact see the last 24 hour DVD it will tell you something else! Gail and many others like her struck while the iron was hot and WE just wanted to believe everything that was the way she wanted it. I'll say she IS a damn good writer but its total crap!
Robban (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2006report abuse
I personally found this DVD very interesting and if you are an open minded person, maybe you find it interesting too. Maybe Elvis faked his own death, maybe he didn´t. Maybe Jesus was here with us, or maybe not. Who knows for sure? I have also read the book "Orion" by Gail Brewer Giorgio, and it´s one of the best books I´ve ever read in describing Elvis heart and soul.
Elvisguitarman (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 8, 2006report abuse
Gail Giorgio-Brewer made a TON of $$$ when she wrote her book and it came w/ a cassette with "Elvis" talking about President Reagan being shot. She made a fool of herself on Geraldo when Joe Esposito & Ricky Stanley told her that she was a fraud.It was garbage then and still is now (although I did buy the book when it came out). But then again, if EPE actually came out with a decent DVD of unseen Elvis footage (On Tour or Elvis In Concert) -- fans wouldn't be buying this trash. Wake up EPE.

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