The Elvis Files, Volume 2 – 1957-1959

By LexDec 26, 2010
The Elvis Files, Volume 2 – 1957-1959

After the stunning first issue (Volume 3) in this series I was really looking forward to this one. Did it meet my expectations?

The fact that I opened the book with the intention to “just thumb it through” and found myself lost in reading concert reviews from 1957 within seconds may reveal I have to confirm this question quickly.

Like Volume 3 this book (which is huge, a lot more pages than #3) has got the finishing touch: the print quality is high, in other words it is a solid production, unlike so many Elvis-products that hit the streets.

Of course this book is chronological too. It starts (after the introduction) on January 4, 1957 with Elis’ introduction examination for the army.. The many pictures are decorated with newspaper items from the time. The Ed Sullivan show brings us to the recording sessions for Loving You, the movie itself (with many unseen backstage pictures). The tours get a lot of attention, with parts of interviews, newspaper reviews and of course, many, many pictures.

Next is Jailhouse rock, with some great pictures of the dance sequence. More touring brings us to the end of 1957, with many pictures from Memphis and the Grand Ole Opry. Almost 70 pages are dedicated to King Creole before the army days start… and even there Erik Lorentzen found pictures I have never seen, while I own quite some books dedicated solely to those army years.

I can only say that this book is the best Christmas present a fan can get! The 530 pages contain many unseen pictures, both black and white and full color (more than I expected). The information around it is interesting and the original material from the time, especially the reviews, is marvelous.

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drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 28, 2010report abuse
What sets this series aside from previous expensive outtings over the years is the sheer volume of work that has gone into each volume and has been put together in such a way it knocks a lot of other so-called day-by-day books out of the water.......yes some may say that at £60 each the cost does not match the merit of buying it?....but i disagree and when we have all volumes in 2012 i will have felt it was a worthy investment.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2010report abuse
Books were never my thing, but these are quite impressive. Along, with 68 at 40 and the Ken Sharp '69 book, I'm actually enjoying these quality books more than the CD releases we have been given over the last few years (the exception being JR vol 2 which is fantastic).

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