The Echo Never Dies

Jul 9, 2004
The Echo Never Dies
Is this release from Casey Casem’s “Rock And Roll Goldmine” valuable? Design The cover is a bit busy and very eighties. We don’t know Casey, but when he comes on screen the eighties feel of the cover is confirmed with his looks, nice sweater ... The animated menu is o.k., but it is the content that counts. Content The documentary opens with the complete Jaycees speech, not the usual fragment, that was interesting, but we can be brief about the rest of the content on this DVD. It is the same as "True Stories – The Elvis Presley Anthology" with some additional presentation and commentary by Casey Kasem as host. Thinking "been there done that" we skipped fast forward a lot of times. Not that the documentary was totally uninteresting, you don’t see Ronnie Tutt and Larry Muhoberac that often, but it simply is a re-release of previously released material. And with that in mind, why buy this one if you have a previous release. So read our review of “True Stories” for the complete content. The line “presented in Dolby 5.1 stereo” might look nice on the cover, but it does not add a lot to a none musical program. Conclusion The title “The Echo Will Never Die” is very true; 27 years after his death and 50 years after his first commercial record release he is back on top with a U.S. #1 single on the sales chart and probably a Top 5 entry in the U.K.. The echo will never die, the series of uninteresting dvd releases neither, unfortunately.
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GeeBee (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2004report abuse
Casey Kasem was a DJ here in the states. I grew up in Richmond, VA, and he was very popular -- used to do a "Top 100" on the weekend during the 60s. So I was surprized to hear about the "80s look"....

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