The Eagle Has Landed

Sep 2, 2001
The Eagle Has Landed
Design The artwork on this CD is very simple. A good photo of Elvis on the front and back, a track listing and that's it. Looking at the setup and the 'framing' of the images with a border this design looks to be coming from the same design-table as the "Too Hot Too Handle" CD. Inside the booklet is empty so we have no additional information on the show and the artists on stage. The CD contains the concert from Houston, TX. June 4th 1975, but is not complete. The soundtrack is compiled from three different shows. The "2001 Theme" is from the June 10 1975 show in Memphis, "C.C. Rider" and "I Got A Woman/Amen" are from Murfsfreesboro May 6 1975. During "Amen" you can hear the two shows being mixed together. The song goes on perfectly but you do hear a lot of noise on the actual Houston concert. But the quality is good. Content Elvis is in very good spirit and you can hear that. He is having fun with J.D. on "Why Me Lord" singing "So help me J.D." and the Sweet Inspirations have to take over. He jokes around quite a few times with his band and the audience. He even introduces "The Eyes Of Texas" (two lines) as a song he put out two years ago. On "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" he doesn't know the words yet because it's so fast. Unfortunately this version isn't complete and there's a fade in the middle. He delivers strong versions of "Burning love", "Why me Lord" and "How Great Thou Art" and "Mystery Train/Tiger Man". On some occasions Elvis isn't too pleased with the sound (engineers), after "If You Love Me Let Me Know" you can hear Elvis say off microphone something like "one more feedback and this goes up your asshole". probably holding up his microphone. This concert is also released on "The Eyes of Texas Are upon You" on the Lone Star label. On that release "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" is (supposed to be) complete, but it misses the songs "2001 Theme/C. C. Rider" and the 1st part of "I Got A Woman/Amen". According to the FECC site the sound quality on "The Eagle Has Landed" is more full, probably because of noise reduction on this release. Conclusion This is a nice 1975 show on which you can hear Elvis in having fun. The set is not special, but you can add another 'one-liner" to your collection.

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