The Day The Music Died

Sep 6, 2002
The Day The Music Died
This is a talking only CD containing newsreports and reactions on the news of Elvis' death, recorded August 16 1977. Design The design of this CD is a bit strange. Since the CD contains reactions on Elvis death we'd expect a cover reflecting that. There's a small newspaper on the front, why not bigger like the images of the newspapers inside? The image of Elvis trying out a new suit accompanied by the Colonel is an original one for a cover though. Content As said this is a talking only release. Listening to all these fragments with the news bulletins and reactions from friends (Joe Esposito) and other artists (Sammy Davis jr.) and the disbelieve of the fans calling radio stations to ask if it's true. The death of Elvis did not only shock America, but the whole world and this CD captures the moment the world heard the sad news. Conclusion This CD contains a little bit of Elvis from interviews, but captures 'The Day The Music Died' with original audio excerpts from August 16 1977. These excerpts are not available on many releases so this complete package is a nice addition to a collection.

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