The Day The Music Died II

Jul 1, 2003
The Day The Music Died II
Released recently is the second volume of “The Day The Music Died” by Rare Collector Records from The Netherlands. Cover Art The cover art is very basic. Elvis and his father during one of his lasts concerts, just before “The Music Died". The booklet contains the story from the Radio Luxembourg D.J. Tony Prince who hosted the radio show on this release. Content The radio show on this release was a spontaneous show made after Radio Luxembourg found out the news of Elvis’ death. In between the fragments of the show we get instrumental versions of well known Elvis songs. They lighten up the listening, but there could have been a few less of these instrumentals on this release. Then the radio fragments (off air recordings by listeners who had a sense of occasion, so the quality varies) of Tony Prince's radio show. Everyone knows where he or she was when Kennedy was murdered, the first man set foot on the moon and of course when Elvis died (Tony Prince even claims his listeners back then would remember listening to his show years later). Listening to the fragments on this release remembers us of the first death of a celebrity which really had an impact was the death of Lady Diana. All media had just one subject, nothing else seemed to matter. Listening to these recordings that feeling comes to mind, Tony telling his stories and reactions from fans and fan clubs and looking foreward to a world without Elvis. Conclusion “The Day The Music Died II” documents a piece of history, and is interesting to listen to, if only to “experience” this just once.
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