The ’56 Sessions – Volume 1

By / KeesDec 28, 2006
The ’56 Sessions – Volume 1
SONY / BMG didn’t release this LP on CD, now a (Dutch) fan club did. I didn’t have the original vinyl release so picked up this CD version. Design This release comes as a CD remake of the original design. At the end of his life Elvis looked better in a drawing than in real life, so this was a logical choice back then. Elvis can be recognized easily, the pose of Scotty Moore too, but the guy playing bass guitar … Content During the end of Elvis’ life and shortly after his death several albums with early material and even alternate takes (Legendary Performer series). This release from 1978 was one of them. The original version contained 16 original classics by Elvis; this edition does too, but not all “original” anymore. I can enjoy a live intro by Elvis announcing his own record, but overdubbed live versions … that can’t be a reissue of an original RCA album. Tomato records once added some additional overdubbing to several early recordings, and that sounded o.k. These versions sound like someone added a simple rhythm box from a cheap synthesizer, way too loud for the original recording they were added to. These tracks are added in between the original sequence of the album so at track 5 I’m not listening to Elvis anymore. Conclusion Too bad this (Dutch) fan club - which wisely didn’t add their name to this release – messed up an original idea messing with these original tracks. If you reissue something, make sure it comes with additional value and quality, don't do it just for the quick buck. As for the music fans, skip this one and the already announced volume 2 and stick to your copy of the great “Elvis ‘56” album. Track listing: 1. Introduction / I Got A Woman 2. Introduction / Heartbreak Hotel 3. Money Honey 4. I’m Counting On You 5. I Was The One (overdubbed live recording) 6. Introduction / Blue Suede Shoes 7. My Baby Left Me (longer version) 8. One-Sided love Affair (with countdown) 9. 1956 Elvis Show Radio Promo 10. So Glad You’re Mine 11. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You 12. Introduction / Tutti Frutti 13. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 14. Shake, Rattle And Roll 15. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 16. Hound Dog (overdubbed live recording) 17. Introduction / Don’t Be Cruel 18. I Was The One 19. Introduction / Hound Dog 20. Blue Suede Shoes (overdubbed live recording) 21. Money Honey (overdubbed live recording) 22. I Got A Woman (overdubbed live recording) 23. I Was The One (live recording # 2) 24. Hound Dog (live recording # 2)
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Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 3, 2007report abuse
I think it would have been better to have used the original 1956 versions of the songs, and if the running time needed extending, adding the songs from volume two. I have very fond memories of this LP, but I would not bother with this CD version.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 28, 2006report abuse
Totally agree! This Cd has CRAP written all over it. Waste of money!!

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