That’s All Right

Jul 17, 2004
That’s All Right
Finally … not only because it took so long to find a copy of this single, but also because this fifty years old song finally hit the charts outside the Memphis region. Design The design is as it should be SUN style with a brown paper bag. If you get the CD-single you get the look, if you buy the vinyl edition you get the complete look and feel. If BMG Heritage had released the cd-single in a paper bag or cardboard slipcase the modern version would have had a more antique look and feel too. Content We all know this record was the beginning of the biggest and greatest career in show business. But today, 50 years after it was first recorded in that little SUN studio by Sam Philips, the whole world knows this is the record that started Rock And Roll as we know it. There may be some discussion on whether this is the actual record that started it, “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley and his Comets and “Rocket 88” written by Ike Turner are good contesters too, but this one was recorded by the boy who would become the King of Rock And Roll. Not all record shops feature this single, some seem to refuse selling it for unknown reasons. But Elvis' releases always have some problem when they are on the chart. Remember BMG UK taking "A Little Less Conversation" off the market while it was #1 in the U.K. to make room for another BMG single to get to #1? This time most radio stations skipped this song for their play list, but fans got it the highest new entry at #3 in its first week of release. If you can’t find it in the shops, you can buy it on-line too, doing so at HMV you help our man in the charts. This version comes from the “Elvis At SUN” compilation and has never sounded so good. Just like with the E1 end E2 compilations this song has been remastered from scratch using DSD technology. Conclusion As a fan it is fun to get this single which started it all fifty years ago. You might even get Elvis high in the chart again, something that never happened with the original release outside Memphis. And if you really like it, get “Elvis At SUN” as well.

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King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 17, 2004report abuse
On Amazon's UK site, the vinyl version is being sold for up to £65!

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