Technically, Rubberneckin' Was Originally An A side

By Carl SavichOct 2, 2003
Technically, Rubberneckin' Was Originally An A side
Rubberneckin' was originally on the Don't Cry Daddy single that reached no. 6 on the Billboard Singles chart in the US on 12/13/1969. This is interesting to note: Billboard lists it as a double A side single. This makes the highest chart position for Rubberneckin' at no. 6 in 1969 on its original release. So, technically, Rubberneckin' was a double A side hit. But... it was unofficially the B side. Recall that The Long And Winding by the Beatles was technically a double A side with For You Blue according to Billboard. But we all know For You Blue was a throwaway B side. This is how Rubberneckin' was regarded even by RCA and BMG. Otherwise, why wasn't Rubberneckin' on the Elvis Top Ten Hits album? Also, why wasn't For You Blue on Beatles 1? But nevertheless technically Rubberneckin' was a double A side in 1969 ...
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dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
I believe this single was released during the period when Billboard was combining a- and b-sides based on airplay. And "Rubberneckin'" was indeeed picking up airplay in some markets, at least early on in its release (before "Don't Cry Daddy" proved to be the stronger radio audience favorite). Billboard changed its long-standing separate sides listings in 1969, just in time to boost the Beatles to another #1 with the "Come Together"/"Something" coupling. Had this same system been in place at Billboard throughout the Sixties, Elvis would have had an even more unbelievable number of #1s and top tens! So much for the overall fairness of the charts.

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