TCB Band On Tour -Tilburg

Sep 13, 2006
TCB Band On Tour -Tilburg
When the TCB Band comes to the town you were borne … you just have to be there. The Belgian Elvis Matters took the TCB Band on tour through The Netherlands and Belgium. The set up for this tour was to create an intimate up close concert with just the TCB Band with a small crowd for a series of personal concerts. And we got just that, the TCB Band, singer Maarten Janssen (who preformed with these guys before and released the “Aloha From Sweden” DVD with them) and “orchestral” support by just one keyboard player. The Band knew the songs by heart and performed very solid. Looking on the smiles on their faces and reactions on the public they had a good time. James Burton brought his flamed Fender guitar and showed what playing guitar means. Jerry Scheff was standing quietly and cool as ever on the stage. A slimmed down Glen D. Hardin was smiling from behind his keyboard (which sounded a bit off sometimes) while in Ronnie Tutt we recognized the drummer from the Muppet Show at moments :-). Singer Maarten also knew his stuff, but had a tendency to go his own way at moments, not following the lead of the band. But he delivered some great renditions too, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Hurt”, “Just Pretend” and "An American Trilogy" stood out as highlights. Special was a nice rendition of “Welcome To My World” for his kids who were present. He really has a good voice for the big ballads, but really rocked on “Fire Down Below”, the highlight of the show. If only we had a picture of the grin on Jerry’s face during this performance … priceless! He looked “proud as a peacock” as we say in Holland. Perhaps the Band should do something with this Jerry Scheff signature song, if music like that isn’t going to chart with today’s music … The sound was very clear and with the TCB guys so close you could almost touch them you kind of had the feeling you stood up there with them. Another night to remember, we look forward to the next event from our Belgian friends!
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Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2006report abuse
Your better off staying home and watching an old Clark Gable Movie or the adventures of Rin-tin-tin. what was was what is is and it isnt what it was.

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