Stutz Blackhawk

By Erik van den BergAug 15, 2002
Stutz Blackhawk
Elvis loved cars. He bought them and quite often gave them away, just for fun. Elvis became famous because of his love for Cadillac’s but Elvis didn’t only had Cadillac’s he owned during the years Ferrari’s, Jeep’s, Chevrolet’s, Ford’s and The famous Stutz Blackhawk’s. Nobody can say The Stutz Blackhawk was Elvis his favourite Car but he loved it that’s for sure. Elvis bought 5 of them between 1971 and 1974 and gave 2 away as a special present. The salesman that sold Elvis most of his Stutz was Jules Meyers. He is known because of the several pictures taken of him with Elvis. Elvis was bought the first Stutz Blackhawk that ever came out after the prototype in 1971. In first place Frank Sinatra ordered it but Elvis had a little word with the salesman and he turned him over. The car was badly damaged when a livery driver got into a bad car accident with the car in July 1971 just before washing it. Elvis partially restored the car but never used it again. The car ended up behind Graceland. The most famous Elvis Stutz is the 230 HP 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III. Elvis bought the car in September 1974 for $20.000,-. This Stutz was very unique because it had a red leather interior with 18-karat gold-plated trim throughout. This car is also known as the last car Elvis ever drove when he came home from the dentist during the night of August 15 1977.

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