I know not everyone buys them only for the coverart, but it counts. I mean the FTD staff knows already three or four months before what the next release is, so why not take the time for the covers?more
Updated: Sep 10, 2002
It's been great reading the results of your poll, and fun comparing it to our own information. In general the releases sell roughly the samemore
Updated: Jul 2, 2001
Last month, during our vacation I received the two vinyl releases by FTD, Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only. Are they a worthy addition to the FTD collection?more
Updated: Aug 18, 2009
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The greatest fanclub of Flanders, Elvis Matters, organized a show offering the full TCB-band, so including John Wilkinson.more
Updated: Oct 3, 2004
Although the storyline isn’t too original, just fun in the sun with girls, Ursula still is. And with some original sunny music in the background it is no punishment to watch the movie.more
Updated: Feb 24, 2003
We can be short in our conclusion of this release. The FTD label did a great job on it. This is the kind of release that makes even soundtrack recordings interesting.more
Updated: May 5, 2003
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If you like to hear some listen to some nice anecdotes from the people who were actually there this is a nice CD.more
Updated: May 6, 2001
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