Finally FTD released a soundboard again! Since it was a pretty while ago we got one, the expectations were high. Does this April 1976 gig live up to them?more
Updated: Aug 9, 2008 Shop
Charity single to support the Red Cross in reaction on the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.more
Updated: Oct 15, 2001 Shop
Overall this is a nice book with a good theme for Americans during these days. There are a few great and new shots in this book.more
Updated: Dec 23, 2001
Released on the MfX import label is the “American Glory” CD containing Elvis’ 10 PM performance from December 11, 1975. The date on the cover is not the correct one, a sign of trouble for this release?more
Updated: Jul 27, 2008
The Cracker barrel Old Country Store chain released an Elvis CD in their “American Music Legends” series.more
Updated: Dec 15, 2004
In their American Music Legends series Cracker Barrel got BMG Special Products to release an Elvis Christmas CD.more
Updated: Dec 2, 2004
Most backing musicians never get to be the stars. Don't tell that to the American Sound Studios band, who filled the New Daisy Theatre Saturday night for a hit-laden trip down memory lane.more
Updated: Jan 11, 2005
This re-release CD set contains recordings of an enthusiastic Elvis with several treats. For those that missed the oldies, here is your chance to get some rare live recordings.more
Updated: Feb 9, 2004
Situated at about an hour's drive north of Frankfurt, Braunfels is a charming health resort dominated by a 750-year-old castle that can be seen from miles around.more
Updated: Apr 15, 2001
The new FTD brings us live recordings from January/ February 1972. That’s more to my taste!more
Updated: Apr 11, 2007 Shop
Many things throughout Elvis' life and career have pointed to him being a staunch American patriot from his national service in the Army, his letter to Richard Nixon in December 1970 or the inclusion of this song in his setlist from 1972 and using America (The Beautiful) in his live show to celebrate his country's bicentennial in 1976.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2015
Over a decade ago Andreas Roth made the Elvis-world happy by issuing “Elvis in Munich”. Recently Volume 2 of what should be a trilogy about Elvis’ time in Germany saw the light of day. Did it come close to his former masterpiece?more
Updated: Nov 8, 2015
The Daily Telegraph ran an interesting interview with Elvis' song writers Leiber and Stoller.more
Updated: May 29, 2000
Two legendary Elvis musicians, guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana visited Tampere, Finland last November.more
Updated: Feb 27, 2000
In our series of email interviews our next victim was a voluntary one, Marc Hendrickx. He's the author of one of the most complete Elvis-fact books available, Elvis A. Presley - Musique et vie d'un Mythe (or Muziek, Mens, Mythe).more
Updated: Apr 16, 2000
Dear Lisa, never before I felt the urge to ask you anything, but now I have to. So please, take a moment to consider this and let us know what you are thinking of this!more
Updated: Nov 29, 2006
The following article was posted on August 23, 2001 at 08:26:14 PM by Chris on the For Elvis CD Collectors Messageboard and from there on the Alt Elvis King Newsgroup.more
Updated: Aug 26, 2001
Released by an unknown label is the CD “And I Love You So – The King Rocks Milwaukee”. Does he?more
Updated: Jun 4, 2006
We knew we had to make the questions not too easy, because otherwise we just could have held a lottery. Nonetheless we were amazed about how many wrong answers we got, and how few right.more
Updated: Jan 30, 2000 Shop
This release contains songs Don Robertson (co-)wrote for Elvis and the acetates Elvis listened to. Listening to these recordings ourselves gives great additional insight to Elvis recording catalogue. Especially when you listen to alternate takes of Elvis recording in the studio.more
Updated: Sep 6, 2003
Andrew Hearn from Essential Elvis talks to Elvis' former '50s sweetheartmore
Updated: Aug 26, 2001
Not completely unexpected Ann-Margret won our poll, and we do not ignore the votes by our readers.more
Updated: Dec 27, 1999
Mary, from the "It's Only Love For Elvis Fan Club" mailed us, telling us she had "another" experience during Elvis Week 2000. Here's her versionmore
Updated: Sep 17, 2000
I saw the TCB-band with quite some singers, beside Elvis: Terry Mike Jeffrey, Maarten and Jenson Bloomer to name the best so far. I liked them all, one better than the other. Tonight I heard a vocalist that is from a totally different league.more
Updated: May 23, 2010
This release was part of five rush releases in the first quarter of 2002. All digi packs from Teenager Records, mostly released before on CDR.more
Updated: Jun 13, 2002
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