The King saw Cynthia Pepper on TV, suggested her for 'Kissin' Cousins' rolemore
Updated: Jan 5, 2008 Shop
A couple of months ago we got Closing Night in a much better quality than before, does the same goes for Opening Night?more
Updated: May 17, 2008
Another remix album?more
Updated: Jan 8, 2009
Recently reissued on CD through the import circuit. How sweet are these bootlegged memories?more
Updated: Aug 25, 2007
Last week Victrola released 2 RCA albums on CD. A Dutch fanclub already released it on CD in the 1980s. Is this a worthy re-re-release?more
Updated: Jun 19, 2010
Victrola recently released Volume 3 of the Our Memories-series. At first I was afraid I thought, oh no, not another series like the Tiger Man Anthology or A Legendary Performer, but I was glad to find out it was a planned volume originally.more
Updated: Sep 17, 2010
At first we thought "are we really waiting for this one?" and to be honest our answer was "not really!" But we bought it anyway to try to make it sure the series will be continued.more
Updated: Sep 10, 1999 Shop
This is the second themed article by Ferry, this time he focusses on the 1954 live performances.more
Updated: Mar 5, 2015 Shop
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