Finally the official website of Lisa Marie is on-line. For very long the "under construction" sign was all we saw. We now have a fan-site for all those Lisa Marie fans. We do wonder what she did so far to have a "fan", except for being the daughter of...more
Updated: Nov 26, 2000
"Don’t Be Cruel" Lisa Marie Harper asked, when she volunteered for a review. We never have the intention to be cruel, but honesty may hurt sometimes.more
Updated: Nov 1, 1999
Something you won’t expect in the classic album series, the EP of this movie, but here it is. At least it brings some new outtakes!more
Updated: Dec 18, 2015 Shop
Elvis' performances in Hawaii always have had something special, he performed the classic 'Aloha From Hawaii' there. Is this performance, released on the White Star label, special too?more
Updated: May 9, 2004
Released by the IF label is the first concert recording in what appears to be a live series. Together with this album the label released another live concert from Las Vegas.more
Updated: Feb 23, 2006
Released by the IF label is the second concert (audience) recording in what appears to be a live series. Together with this album the label released another live concert from Indiana.more
Updated: Mar 4, 2006
Released by the If label in their "Live from …" series is volume 3 with a concert recorded at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.more
Updated: May 27, 2006
A bit late to give my opinion on this FTD release, but because of some mixing up this book/ CD arrived in my mailbox only last week.more
Updated: May 20, 2007 Shop
Here are my first impressions of the new BMG "Live In Las Vegas" 4 CD's box-set ... TOTALLY AWESOME!!!more
Updated: Jul 18, 2001 Shop
As we approach the 24th anniversary of his death, Elvis Presley is still entertaining the masses. And probably doing a better job of it than the last 5 years of his life.more
Updated: Jul 8, 2001 Shop in Las Vegas and never seeing Elvis Presley live, I often Look in the direction of the Las Vegas Hilton and think....what if?more
Updated: Sep 2, 2001 Shop
Two incomparable shows during "birthday week 2005" visited.more
Updated: Jan 13, 2005
Does the most recent outing by Memphis Recording Sessions, Elvis Live In The 50’s, live up to the image that MRS built over the years?more
Updated: Feb 22, 2016 Shop
The recent “normal” FTD contains the August 26, 1969 Dinner Show. Is it something special?more
Updated: Mar 13, 2011 Shop
Released by the WRL label is the DVD “Live Memories 1970“. A nice trip down memory lane?more
Updated: May 18, 2006
Amongst the 80,000 roaring music fans, Alice feels a sense of quiet detachment. Alone with her thoughts she feels as though she has been beamed to that very spot from a distant planet, an alien, indifferent to the manic world of revelry and enthusiasm around her.more
Updated: Dec 21, 2010
As a lifelong modernist you might expect me to bemoan the knee-jerk nostalgia that has put Elvis Presley back on top of the British singles charts...more
Updated: Jan 20, 2005
The Los Angeles Times ran an article on TIME's search for the "person of the century", and looked at it from a different perspective.more
Updated: Dec 20, 1999
We have many documentaries on his client, Elvis Presley, but finally released on DVD is the documentary on the manager, Colonel Tom Parker.more
Updated: Oct 30, 2005
After a longer wait than expected - the products were announced for November 2014 - the latest Gravel Road Music’s outings are there: Love American Style and Vegas Rhythm. Let’s have a closer look on the first one, which is a re-release of “In Dreams Of Yesterday” by the Czech Memories label. It contains the June 28, 1974 E.S in Milwaukee.more
Updated: Feb 26, 2015
A couple of months ago we called on your help on behalf of Aleksandra Rebic asking you to get in touch with her about 'how you became a fan". This is the result of your input.more
Updated: Jun 19, 2000
With this release Elvis used the remaining songs of a great recording sessions which were used on three albums, "Elvis Country", "That's The way it Is" and this one. We won't say these were the "leftovers", but....more
Updated: Nov 3, 2001 Shop
One of the releases in the recent FTD flood is another album in the classics series: “Love Letters From Elvis”. Some doesn’t regard it as a classic, does this release change that?more
Updated: Aug 11, 2008 Shop
Whether you love these songs already, or this is your first time experiencing some of the tender tunes crooned by one of the best balladeers of all time, you are sure to enjoy this new release from EMI.more
Updated: Sep 27, 2009 Shop
In their classic album series FTD just release the EP Love Me Tender and lifted it to a 2 CD.more
Updated: Jun 14, 2014 Shop
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