Spring Tours '77

By Dan SicilianoJun 16, 2002
Spring Tours '77
I recently read a review, on this website, about the Latest FTD release, Spring Tours '77, and it made me pretty angry. We all know the state of Elvis' health in the spring of 1977 and we all know how tired he was and sounded, but their were truly some great moments all during the spring and summer of 1977, and I think that the Spring Tours brings some of that to light. The very first Elvis album I bought with my own money was "Elvis In Concert" in 1977 and it was the best $9 I ever spent. I wore out no less than two copies of that album, as I emerged into a True Elvis fan that year. I loved the rich deep tones of Elvis' voice and the country sort of flavor that his music was expressing and, most importantly, I loved him! I loved they was he looked, walked, talked and dressed. He was the king, and in 1977, all his fans saw passed all the flaws and all the rumors and gazed upon the true Elvis that had emerged. He was real with human flaws, but he was closer to us than ever before. When Elvis died, he became a part of all of us. We each took all the best parts that we cherished and absorbed them into us, accepting both the man and the legend, and it was then, in 1977, that made the most impression on me. The spring tours brings me a little bit closer to that decade, and most importantly, to Elvis. The sound quality is very good, however they sound more like soundboard recordings to me that 4 track masters, but it's good sound. Elvis is tired in some songs and he may seem rushed a bit in some old standards, but the majority are quit enjoyable to listen to. Different versions that the "Elvis In Concert" album we are used to, and with better sonic quality. I just loved the versions of "Polk Salad Annie" and trying to get to you. And , if you have ever seen the video from 1977, you know that Elvis and Charlie Hodge often did quit a funny routine during "are you lonesome tonight" and this is no exception. I had a smile on my face while I was listening, picturing the scene ... Funny! All the songs are just fine versions for 1977, and are not tiresome and below par as mentioned in a previous review. For those fans of Elvis in the 70's, this will not let you down, nor will it find it's way to the "bottom of the pile". I'm sure you will find it just as much fun as I did. Once again, I thank you Ernst, for bringing Elvis closer to us than ever before ... More More More! Playing time: 60'31


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