By LexJul 25, 2009

A three week vacation as Elvis fan does mean you have a pile stacked up… so let’s start at the top of it (which is actually the last CD I received). It’s Audionic’s Something, the third unreleased (at least in stereo) TTWII show on their label. This time it’s the August 11 Dinner Show.



The sleeve is the same fold out like with the previous two releases. Unlike Twenty Days And Nights this one carries a booklet again! Nearly all pictures are from the actual show, but there are some of the hotel and rehearsals too.

The liner notes are top notch and well researched, a pleasant read… at least when I disregard the tiny white font on the blue background… I’m getting to old to read that without more help than my usual pair of glasses!


The comments on the previous releases (and The Wonder of You) show that some fans are getting tired of these 1970 shows. In my book ridiculous, if there’s one thing of Elvis I don’t get tired of, these shows are it!

The first three tracks are not my piece of cake thou, I like the Imperials at the events when I actually see them, but I don’t have the need to hear them on CD when I plan to listen to Elvis. Gladly someone invented the skip button (and I just didn’t copy them to my MP3 player).

That’s All Right has some feedback, but the sound quality is superb. Quite some material of the show is familiar because of the DVD(s). Who can’t enjoy Elvis in a good mood, performing mostly as good as he could? Highlights to me are the “new” songs of the engagement like I’ve Lost You, Something, I Just Can’t Help Believin’ , You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ and of course Bridge over Troubled Water. Also I Can’t Stop Loving You and Polk Salad Annie (with a very long military intro, totally the song lasts way over 6 minutes) get a very fine treatment. Add some oldies, Sweet Caroline and Suspicious Minds and once again you have a wonderful Elvis show which beats any post 1975 show easily!


A disc like this reminds you of all the reasons to be an Elvis fan! Thankyouverymuch Audionics, for repairing what went wrong earlier this year!

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eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2009report abuse
AWESOME!!!!.....currently it ranks as my all-time favorite cd from these classic shows.I didn't think anything could beat the FTD CD one night in vegas.....this one did the impossible.too bad this team isn't running things at sony.Maybe Madison went over to this team????
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2009report abuse
Ton, I assume you gathered from Lefty that the real CD (any that is) is the better bet. If you're a poor 19-year old student who must settle on going "naked" (no packaging), I suppose there's some logic to going the "El Cheapo" route for awhile. But for the big boys, it's the superior quality (all around) that Elvis fans want be it the late Madison label or now Audionics and a few others. I'm very pleased with this disc. It's a no-brainer. It's true FTD should have had notes all along. It was a cop-out to say "go read my book" as Ernst once said in so many worlds. Somehow there are writers who find a way to write creative and fresh notes on concert after concert. But not Elvis' FTD albums. Oh well.

A lot of fans probably would have done them for free. Ernst has never really stretched out as he should have outside of his partnership with Roger and a few others. Perhaps if FTD became "too big" (even if labor was donated) some suit would try to kill the golden goose but I'm not sure if I follow that logic either. Who knows? I do think its worth adding that FTD has done superior packaging and notes (okay very good) for most of the 7-inch soundtracks and "classic albums and on the recent 2-CD 2009 "Dixieland Delight" finally included liner notes! And the new "FEIM" Legacy edition has notes and art akin to the better Southern Comfort releases - or up that alleyway anyway. It's a good time to be an Elvis fan - 32 years after the real music King's untimely demise.
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2009report abuse
fantastic sounding cd indeed, not perfect, and not as good as ftd one night in vegas sound where that sound was perfect in every way...hats off to audionics for producing such a wonderful package in sound,photos, and any one who has doubts, it!
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2009report abuse
Lefty, thanks for the really good comparision that sounds awesome! i agree with about ftd,their covers,lack of informationial booklets, and sometimes there choice of show is very much lacking the quality that i thought they should be...perhaps they will do the 72 shows starting with the hamptons, and make it a 3 parter...i only want to buy top notch import realeases, and that is the same for ftd releases...thanks again for posting back...
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2009report abuse
ijustcanhelpbelievin, It may be better to make a comparision by way of the official releases out there. In terms of this series by Audionics, you can say they're just as good sound wise as "On Stage" by BMG or disc II on "Elivs Live In Vegas" (08/11/70 MS) and "One Night In Vegas" by FTD. I'm so pleased with the Audionics product, I'm not going to purchase FTD's "The Wonder Of You." I wish that Audionics would release all five shows that were released by International, but they're ending this series with "Something." The show from 8/12/70 MS released by International is fantastic! If that one is still available for download, you won't be disappointed. By the way, Audionics does great artwork. It's really top notch. I'm looking forward to their next series, whatever that may be.
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2009report abuse
Lefty, i was hoping that these 3 releases from Audionics would be the best out there in the import you disagree, and if so why? sound? i don't have that madison release only because i had the other one the hampton roads and i thought that was not good sounding for me...i guess i have a well tuned ear to you rate these 3 releases from Audionics? looking forward to your post...
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2009report abuse
ijustcanhelpbelievin, I tend to agree with you. There are always exceptions when it comes to quality, both in the import market and with BMG/FTD. One thing I'd note about FTD is that it has sometimes missed opportunites to turn out a great product; either the sound, and/or package has been lacking. Why that happens is not known, but I'd guess it has to do with cost. One import that I believe meets or exceeds any official release is Greensboro Revolution by Madison. It stands alone as the very best concert release out there.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2009report abuse
Follow That Dream claims to be a collectors label yet of all there digipack releases one has come with a booklet,FTD for all its good needs some improvements,not too mention better communication,as for this cd,great release,why does a import aka a bootleg look more classy than a collectors label cd? somebody answer this please!
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2009report abuse
Lefty, I am patiently awaiting this to come in the mail, but i have to say that outside of american crown jewels, and the 1970 sessions of sunset blvd the rehearsals there has not been a cd released that sounds as good as bmg or ftd for most of the time....i did say most there...they are either flat, lack bass, or vocals too high, and the band too low....i hope this proves to be the best out there...
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2009report abuse
Lefty, I like to thank you for this accurate information ! That made a lot a sence, thanks.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2009report abuse
Hey Ton, I downloaded all five shows from the site that offered to replace the "International" set for free, along with the artwork. I've also purchased the Audionics releases. What International put together is not bad at all, but not as well mixed as Audionics. By comparison, the sound of the International releases is a little thin and flat in spots. The Audionics sound is very rich, well balanced, and with a bit more bass. About as good as anyone can expect from an 'official' label. Is it worth the money to buy what you could get for free on line? It just depends what you're looking for. I really enjoy a top notch Elvis CD with a great package, but mind you, I've been around since the LP days. Audionics is churning out some great stuff that appeals to me. Kind of like Madison at the end of their run. If you don't mind the mp3 format, and you're going to listen to the shows on an iPod, you might be better off saving your money and downloading the shows for free, if they're still out there. I doubt you could really tell the difference in the products unless you played them on a full blown stereo.
ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 27, 2009report abuse
Ah! sense at last. I wholeheartedly agree Lex, these shows are terrific and it's impossible to tire of them. We now have all 6 in top quality, I do think the wonder of you on ftd is the best sound. BMG missed a trick and should have put out a quality 6 disc set, ok so the content is repetitive but ftd is a collectors label after all. Now if we could just have the missing August 69 shows!
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
If only FTD digi-packs were as good as these in packaging and sound,it's the simple things like a 4,6,8 page booklet that shows the difference in a quality product.The 3 releases from these guys are a lovely addition to any ones collection and will certainly be on my playlist and not left on the shelve.For those who are unsure if you need these shows in your collection, go on spend your money on these you will not be dissapointed.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
Oh God, now I have to buy the august 1970 shows from
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
Ton, no idea since I didn't take the time to download that stuff. What I heard from others it doesn't come close to the Audionics releases.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
I downloaded this show from an Elvis site. Is the sound on "Something" the same or even better, Lex ? Polk Salad Annie is fantastic in this show !
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
i hope they keep it up with great releases like this. i seriously hope they can concentrate on 69, 71 and 72.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2009report abuse
After morning wind and thunderstorms this morning, the afternon gave way to some sunshine. It also gave me a chance to walk down the lane to the mailbox. Inside was this amazing disc. I spent the next hour plus reading some of the most detailed and accurate liner notes that I have ever read. As I read them, I was completely blown away by this disc. Elvis's commitment to the show, and vocal performance instantly made this a top 10 live disc from my collection. Audionics has really given the fans three superb discs over the last few months. THANK YOU - thankyouverymuch !!!!
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2009report abuse
Lex, thanks...I do agree with you elvis in 1970 are all top notch shows...I will buy this one...thanks again...a.j.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2009report abuse
It's hard to say... I like the first one very much because of the more rare songs. But the other two are jewels too. Not much difference in sound, I think if you just focus on the show this might be the best one.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2009report abuse
The review and the conclusion mirror my thoughts exactly...!!! FTD could take a lesson by Audionics in packaging a disc and the booklet is extra class..!!
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2009report abuse
Lex, Which 1 of these 3 releases from audionics would you say is the best so far for sound quality, and elvis' performance quality of delivering the songs? would appreciate you reply so i can decide which 1 of these to buy...thanks
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2009report abuse
Okay, the sleeve might be the same, but the picture, wow, that's my piece of cake ;-)

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