So-Called Elvis Fans

By Steve HarperJul 29, 2010

There is a crazy phenomenon in the world of being an Elvis Presley fan that can be a little on the scary side. It is the desire by some to judge their love for Elvis against that of another Elvis fan. A desire, by some, to be the greatest Elvis Presley fan, that can lead to nasty verbal exchanges and even abusive threats. Nowhere is this more evident than on the website

People, who have been fans since the 1950’s and helped make him what he is today, have their love of Elvis questioned because they don’t like a particular movie, song or album. Some fans are told they are not “true” Elvis fans because they also like other singers or groups or because they choose not to have massive collections of CD’s and Elvis memorabilia.

It is a sad statement against the fans of this man. A man who showed his fans so much love and yet we don’t show the same love for each other. Yes, I admit, I get my feathers ruffled a little when someone on the site doesn’t find the same enjoyment out of a song or film as I do (especially if they have to result in calling it “junk”, garbage”, etc). But to question someone’s passion for Elvis because they don’t like the song “What Now My Love” or the movie “Girl Happy” as much as I do, is at the least, silly.

Recently I questioned what the big deal was concerning the deletion of “Johnny B Goode” over the credits of the new DVD / Blue Ray, “Elvis On Tour”. I took exception to the movie being called a classic (which to world outside of Elvis, it is definitely not) and I was threatened and cursed at through an email! Keep in mind, I said that most of Elvis’ performances in the movie were great, but as an overall documentary, the film was good, but not great. For that, I was called “a sad and pathetic loser” and told “I wud smash your f…… head in you attempted to SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT TO MY FACE!!”. I was even told that I as well as others “cannot resist attacking EVERYTHING about our man elvis”. It is ironic, because others on the site have accused me of being an Elvis apologist.

Now thankfully, most fans are not this deranged in their thinking, but this desire to be the worlds #1 Elvis fan is very odd. Even Elvis thought some of his movie songs were bad and could admit that not everything he did was fantastic. He told a staff worker at the Expo Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN that his afternoon show there on October 5th, 1974, was “probably the worst concert I have held in my whole career”. Why as Elvis fans can’t we intelligently discuss the good, the bad and the ugly without resorting to name-calling and the questioning of each other’s standings as fans?

Here’s the thing. The size of your Elvis collection does not matter. The fact that you have every soundboard of every Elvis concert that is available is nice, but it doesn’t make you a bigger fan than the person only has “Aloha From Hawaii” and gets goose bumps every time they watch or listen to it. Being embarrassed for Elvis watching “Harum Scarum” doesn’t mean you are less of an Elvis fan. Saying an Elvis album was a disappointment when you bought it the year it came out, doesn’t make you less of an Elvis fan. Elvis gave us a lot of great music, a lot of terrific memories and even some very enjoyable movies, but not everything he did was a classic. Being able to distinguish the great moments from the not-so-great ones does not mean you like Elvis less than someone who praises everything he did. Elvis had tons of people like that in his personal life. People who placated him and told him what they thought he wanted to hear. That didn’t work out to well for Elvis the man and giving praise to every thing he did just because his name is on it, doesn’t do Elvis, the artist, any favors either.

So to all the people out there who are Elvis fans, keep giving your views on this site. It doesn’t matter if it is popular with the other members; just give your honest opinion and know there are members who value it, even if we don’t always agree.


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mybentnickelworks (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
May I borrow a line from Mr. Harper's commentary? "Elvis had tons of people like that in his personal life." To paraphrase, I have shared moments with tons of Elvis people whom I wished I had not crossed the room to say "Hello". These moments I am referring to were at conventions and fan club events setup to honor the artistic legacy of our man, Elvis Presley. I have met people whom enjoyed watching Elvis perform during his last tours of 1977. Their egos almost allowed them to "walk on water" in a manner of speaking.

OK. I have a broad enough imagination and sense of humor to draw the conclusion that every one of these individuals need something to help them survive the rigors of living on planet Earth. And sometimes, my articles are based on 5 pence philosophies (read the above.) And I have had some of these Elvis purists, to borrow the phrase "die-in-the-wool" Elvis fans explain to me that I am not a TRUE Elvis fan because I couldn't identify the year Elvis wore one of those fabulous jumpsuits, etc.

Well, I admit, at the age of 47, I still can't grow those classic sideburns like many of my mates could in the 1970s.
In fact, I used to marvel as a 12 year old every time I had the opportunity to watch my Dad shave. "Gee, Dad, I can't wait until the day I can shave! His reply: (dead pan) Oh. Wait until you must shave." Yes, I lacked the hormones to grow proper facial hair but, I did manage to reach puberty eventually. My humor is very dry and I do not wish to offend anyone.

And I discovered Elvis Presley (thanks Mum!) I also had the privilege to write an essay which was published with an Elvis DVD ("Elvis The Wow Factor") and read some very pleasant comments about the essay on this website. Thanks again to everyone for supporting Jordan's Elvis World and my humble creative writings. In closing, I hope Mr. Harper's commentary will go a long way to encouraging people to "turn the other cheek" and enjoy the "Wow Factor" of Elvis Presley's artistic legacy. Yes, I still feel goose bumps when I type something about Elvis. Best wishes to all, with Peace and Love. Thanks for reading my comments. Rob Nelson, London, Canada
Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 31, 2010report abuse
it is very easy thing to say, Elvis was the King in my eyes and how i feel about the things he did is something that i chose to feel. People are always going to say things about how people judge what they like. All i can say to them is this.....Walk a mile in my shoes.
Pachakuti! (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2010report abuse
It's a very good article, also describing my own experiences. Being an Elvis-fan became somewhat of a contest which is measured in wealth of Elvis-articles. In some cases it is also forbidden to be a fan of any other music or artist, or it is even forbidden to be a musician.. It is possible to enjoy many artists and styles while cherishing a love for Elvis and his work. This love can not be measured in piled-up records or other objects.
snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2010report abuse
Elvis is dead 33 years. I remember the night he died, i was nine and never heard of him although now i know i had seen snippets of King Creole in maybe July '77 when obviously the whole wide awake in the Elvis World knew all was not well with the Man. This is the first year i ignored his anniversary since that fateful day. But, they played a few songs on daytime radio and it wasn't just a day this year , memories of experiences that i had while listening and digging the man flooded my brain and it was more like an Elvis Week. " A great Week" Today i bought 'CLAMBAKE' on cd and played it on the car stereo on the way home and do you know what!!!!! It sounded GREAT!!!!
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2010report abuse
Jeez, really shocked to hear of someone getting threatening mail because of their opinion. Don't worry Steve, we still love you. I've had many a great debate on this site, and loved every one of them, but never have I heard of people threatening others because of their opinion. The reason this site is so great is because of the polarity of opinion in its readership and the fact that everyone has a place to openly discuss and challenge those same opinions, and yes, get angry while you're doing it; there's nothing wrong with that but to threaten and try to intimidate those who freely express their honest opinions makes you nothing short of a scumbag. Apart from that it makes you an idiot as well - have you never heard of an IP address before?
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2010report abuse
Could not have said it better.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2010report abuse
Hey Steve Harper, I think your article is fantastic! Thanks for telling it like it is. I've had the honor of writing some Elvis CD and book reviews under my real name, and each time I have made it my goal to give a fair and accurate review of the product and the performance. I've been guilty of shamelessly holding FTD to a higher standard, and at the same time praising them when they get it right. Gratefully, I've never received a threatening email from a single fan. Most of the time, people have asked me how to get a hold of a particular import, to which I have no answer, of course. That being said, I have read some nasty posts directed at others, and it baffles me how some people can take another's opinion of Elvis so personally. I regret to read that some of those nasty comments have been directed at you. Just know that there are fans like me that are glad that there really is "Something For Everybody" when it comes to Elvis. I can't help but think he would've wanted it just that way. Best Regards, Lefty.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Monster : you made my day ! That's a good one ! "I look forward.....etc... " I can read between the lines .
Always El.
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Intelligence is no substitue for manners, common courtesy, maturity or even a little humility. I have never gotten involved in any of tit for tat one upmanship that has happened in the past on this forum but I am shocked at the arrogance and childishness displayed in some of the comments on this particular page. Guys, please! Let's be friends or at least not combatants. The bickering only serves to proves the point the article was making,a point which recently threatened the very existence of this website. Another website about Elvis is always a good thing. I look forward to rising to the challenge of its intellectual superiority should I pass the exam for membership.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Very interesting thread. All I can say by reading it, is I am glad there are intelligent Elvis fans out there, with MBA degrees, good jobs, and speaking several languages. Puts a damper on the notion that we are all trailer park trash, uncultured, or blue rinse Vegas women who like to buy Elvis chains instead of Elvis music!
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
I don't need to come to Europe as I'm already here -I divide my time between London, New York and istanbul. No, I can't write Japanese but speaking it is very useful in Europe - I do a considerable amout of work for Japanese companies (banks, finiancial institutions and invrstment houses looking at taking equity in European banks) and often have to speak Japanese.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Hi davrid,
It's "imbecile ", not "imbecle"
It's "Maltese", not "maltese"
Innocent typos, I agree, probably due to your anger and haste to answer ?
Maybe you do speak these languages, but do you also read and write them ? I'd like to see you write in Japanese.Lol. Just come to Europe and I bet you won't go far with Japanese, Maltese, and even Greek and Turkish, well just in these 2 countries it would work, and for the rest : nada, njet, no-way, end of the line !
You called me ( I'd better say : "you intended to call me", but there's that typo ) "an imbecile" . I now could report abuse for personal attack using rude language ( how well-educated for somebody with a MBA from Harvard ! ) but I won't. I'll show more intelligence and I bid you my kindest regards . "May the Good Lord Bless And Keep You" , Jim Reeves once sung . Always El.
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Lex, thanks for many years of pleasure. Really sorry we couldn't meet all those years ago when you went to Walcott! But you know what happened...Anyway, good luck in the future. I really hope you can find some level of intelligence within your audience that makes all your hard work worthwhile. Frankly, you deserve so much more.
SuziB (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
That is just sooo funny. Benny, I told you it was intellectually several leagues above anyone on this site. He lived in Istanbul for over two years (hence why he speaks Turkish), same in Athens - each time setting up banks. 12 months in Tokyo restructuring the Japanese lending system. As for Maltese, he spend much of his childhool in Malta. And just so you know - he was top of his MBA year at Harvard, his double first form Cambridge is double starred, ie the highest possible award, and his dissertation for his PHd is now part of the curriculum in most universities. Oldrooty, again an intellectually challenged person who doesn't understand the argument. Try re-rereading what has been said.
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Beeny, youre made a fool of yourself. I have a double first in Law and Business, An MBA from Harvard and a Phd. As for languages, I speak, English, maltese, Japanese, Greek and Turkish.

Yes youre an imbecle, Showing off when you have absolutely nothing to show off about.
oldrooty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
When one has to flag up someone's spelling or grammar and wield their education or career to argue a viewpoint, you have already lost your argument. The essence of Steve's article is clearly painfully true for some people.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Monster : I couldn't agree more !
SuziB : have a nice day !
davrid : good luck ! Oh, I almost forgot : I really don't like to write this, but this time I feel I have to ( altough I hate bragging ) : before I made my way in music-business I graduated as an engineer in electronics . I read, write and speak, in a rather good way, 4 languages . How's your Dutch, French and German ? Always El.
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Actually, the irony was on the original post as I tried to point out, alas, it seems to have escaped everyones' attention. Anyway, thanks Suzi for the passionate eulogy, although, I can't help but think think it's rather akin to being labelled "the tallest pygmy". Lex is an intelligent guy, why he tolerates this kind of ignorant and ill-written garbage I'll never understand...I've had my fill of this site and will develop my own for more intelligent fans....
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
I don't understand why anyone would want or need to pick apart Steve's ability to create a well structured argument. Surely everyone here can understand the gist of what he is trying to say and how important it is that it's said. I enjoyed it and applaud him for it. I'm not looking for top notch journalistic ability on this fan forum - I'd expect that in newspapers and magazines which charge money for what they have to say. This is just a forum for people who care about Elvis and we should all be free to speak are minds in a reasonable manner without the fear of personal attacks from our fellow members. We come from all different walks of life, some of us are well educated, some of us are not. Some of us are lawyers and some of us are not. Some of us are tolerant and have proper perspective about what's important and some of us, sadly, are not. Responding to this article by insulting Steve's intelligence is both irrelavant to the subject and monumentally ironic given the nature of what he's trying to say. You may disagree with what I've said or how I've said it or structured it but I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm trying to get across here - and that is all that matters. Steve, the meanies are in the minority mate.
SuziB (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
One of the great sadnesses of the "Elvis World" is how limited so many people are in their understanding of the simplicites of creating an argument - which goes hand-in-hand with the ineffable lack of intelligence of so many. Benny, your post is ridiculous in the extreme. Mature attacked davrid on the basis that he (davrid) dared to criticise an argument based upon the lack of structure and presumptiveness of the tone and quality of debate. Something, which clearly "Mature" did not understand, instead equating it to davrid criticising typos, which he was not doing at all. He didn't understand so he resorts to what he normally does - criticising out of ignorance. The same applies to Steve's original post, which, at best, can bel considered cheesy rhetoric, at worst, the politically correct but incoherent ramblings of a grown man who is so affronted by receiving an abusive email (heck, we all do every day of one kind of another), he has to resort to an extremetly ill-judged and poorly reasoned post on the subject. In many ways, davrid's views on Elvis are the amongst the most critical you will find - as evidenced by many of his posts over time - he is also, without doubt, the most skilled here in knowing how to craft an argument and how to write, and an absolute expert on the subject (as you would expect from someone with 15000 albums and cds, and 1000 books on Elvis) which is why so many people in the "Elvis World" respect and endorse his views. Steve (and/or "Mature") versus davrid, simply no 'debate', be it intellectually, factually, or stylistically.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Mature, though in the past I didn't agree with you a couple of times on one or other topic, I want you to know that i'm on your side concerning this subject . When some people start to brag with their so-called "intellectual" capacities and/or their way of life in (let's call it) "high(er) society", then I always think " what's in a name ? " Reading the posting of Erna writing she's a "rubbish collector" and proud of her job, the only thing I can say is : all my respect for such people, never forgetting we need them in our daily life. I've reached an age where many things are becoming less important. So don't let your further life be spoiled by certain people. Wishing you all the best. Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2010report abuse
Jamie & Monster i agree 100%,some just like to act like there better than you and i.
You would think that some could just get the points from such an article and not act like they need to play teacher.
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
lol Benny. Very well put. Steve, I enjoyed your article & appreciate you writing it. Good job.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
To whom it may concern : pls keep in mind Sam Phillips, during a recording-session ( at SUN of course ) in 1954, said to Elvis :quote: "....and don't make it too damn complicated ". Always El.
Erna (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Great article Steve, the person writing you that e-mail should still be banned from giving their opinion on this site.
There is no need for such an personal attack.
To some of the others, please remember also, that to some of us, that English is not our first language and some of us have not been fortunate enough to have a good education.
I am a rubbish collector BUT at least my job is a VERY respected one.
SuzyB (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Mature, I suggest you actually re-read what people have written beofre making ridiculous accusations. Neither I nor davrid has criticises anyone for typos -, indeed my posts have several. We were actually commenting on the structure of the argument, which is completely different. The structure in the origanl post, as davrid pointed out, was very poor. To anyone with the remotest intelligence, it is obvious he was crtiticising people for imposing their opinions (albeit in an insulting manner), while he was doing exactly the same dressed as cheesy rhetoric. I never insulted you in the slightest, merely, pointing out that clearly you weren't used to how arguments should be structured. I am a pretty successful corpoarate lawyer, davrid is even more successful as a partner in a very large New York based consulting company - he is recognised as one of the world's leading experts on banking, customer strategy and loyalty. With all respect, you clearly didn't understand how he was linking the structure of the argument to the argument itself, which has nothing to do with typos.
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Thanks for taking the time to write this article Steve - it's something I'm sure a lot of us out here have been concerned about. Also bravo for saying it out loud because it seems if anyone expresses an opinion with any strength on this and many other websites (not just Elvis related) they run a very good chance of receiving a hostile reaction. Debate is fine - it's great because we all come to the fandom of Elvis from diferent perspective and love different eras, songs and even love Elvis for different reasons. I certainly love hearing everyone's opinions here, even those I don't agree with because it gives me something to think about. But there's no reason why an opinion you express strongly on this site should be received with such hostility and negatively emotive language as can often be the case. Also since when did a person's ability to type, spell, punctuate or construct their opnion with sufficient journalistic or grammatical aplomb preclude them from giving their input here. I don't care if you can't string two words together or type like you've got boxing gloves. Even if you start your day by doing the barefoot ballad up some mountain in the back of beyond and prefer movie soundtracks over Elvis is Back - if you dig the King and have an opinion please feel free to share it with the rest of us here. We may not always agree - hell we may not always be able to read it (lol) but most of us are willing to listen. At least that's my opinion. So, sock it to me baby.
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Hello, I'm in sympathy with original post. It's a fact of life that some people - presumably through insecurity - see the world hierarchically and talk themselves into thinking that their attributes and others' perceived failings are such that they themselves are damn near the top of the pile. For me the issues aren't so much whether owning many thousands of Elvis products makes one a bigger Elvis fan or better-informed than others, or if working at an executive level better qualifies someone to write a powerful argument than somebody else. The issue instead is why anyone thinks it matters who's a bigger Elvis fan than anyone else. Moreover, if one of our fellow fans posts a message in some distress after receiving an abusive email, is it really good enough to reply complaining about their writing skills (while spelling 'Only' without an 'n' etc.)? And can executive readers of this site not bring their [presumably] superior inferential skills to bear such that they don't need to patronise less eloquent contributors? Scores of readers seem to have understood Steve's article perfectly well and related to his distress. It's trite to say that abusive messages should simply be ignored because some people are unable to do so. And anyway, there are simple rights issues here - people don't have any right to send abusive emails to others, while recipients do have a right to read their mail without being abused and threatened. Am I a massive Elvis? I couldn't care less and I hope nobody else does.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Suzie,your clearly a better person than me, i mean your in law and who am i to have a view on anything.
Its a article on a Elvis site,the very reason the article was written is being proven by your insults.
I could understand the article,and im not even a lawer,some people have to work for there money,i know those low lifes that keep the country going everyday,dont they make you sick.
Any typos? oh my i hope not.
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
excellent, EXCELLENT article. i have had my memories of elvis of seeing live in concert corrected because i hadn't remembered it right. (you've been able to access my dormant memories? please share!) so i don't tell my stories on the internet anymore. i've been attacked and had my friends insulted because of the way i ran the campaign for getting elvis on the las vegas walk of stars; it didn't mean someone's standards. (then why didn't YOU do it?) there have been people who have never seen elvis live or visited vegas and then make some ignorant / unfair statements. it's like a competition of facts in minutiae or that ever popular place: hindsight.
and i'll own up to classifying whether someone is a big fan or not. they don't have to like everything elvis ever did (i certainly don't) but i do ask knowledge of all of elvis' originally released music and movies to be called a big fan. am i wrong in that? this article is making me ponder...
a lot to digest here. great topic to post and i am cheering! thank you,steve.
SuziB (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Sorry damned Blackberry! meant to say:

"Mature", guess you've never had a very successful or executive level career then, as in those circles - including mine in law -the structure of the argument is as important, in some case more important, than the actual point itself. Again, the less than well educated and/or successful not being able to understand the issue.
SuziB (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
"Mature", guess you've never had a very successful or executive level career then As in those circles - including mine in la -the structure of the argument is as important, in some case more important, than the actual point itself. Again, the less than well educated and/or successful not being able to understand the issue.
tigergirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
I think it is also fair to say that EPE do not encourage fans to like the 1977 era as they want the 'fans' to forget him at this point in his life. I am proud to be an Elvis fan and enjoy the 70's the most especially 1974 - 1977 when I think Elvis was at his best. However, it is clear that Graceland do not want us to emulate him at this era and therefore do not publish any photos of Elvis during this time frame. I wonder if EPE are wanting us to only love Elvis between 1954 to 1969! Anybody agree??
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
A very good point given here.I have been a fan since the late 50s to the present day,and I love "A Big Hunk 'O Love" as much as "Burning Love" when these two songs are played I turn up the volume,on the other hand I nearly turn off when
"Devil In Disguise" is played,not that I don't like it,it's because it's played too much on the radio.
From the 50s to the 70s Elvis did some marvellous songs & films & some NOT so marvellous in my opinion,does that make me a part time fan,of course not,I just wish he was advised better.We all have an opinion on Mr Parker,he did Elvis some good,but then got gready and shafted him,Elvis being weaker than say Bruce Springsteen "don't do that to me" we might have seen an even bigger Elvis,we'll never know.
We all have our memories,and one things for sure, NOTHING,has replaced EAP,and I suspect NOTHING ever will
he WAS a one off.
Valeria (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Wonderful article, and so true...congratulations and thanks for saying it as how it is Steve!
Snooky (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Thanks Steve, Mike Landsdown, and Brunop.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
The Fan base got much larger when he was drafted, i think the Government was trying to stop something they didnt like thus shipping him off to Germany, that was their mistake because it made him NOW larger than life, and the lack of his music on the charts in 1959 the fans wanted more. Now he comes back appears with Frank sinatra does Fame and Fortune like no other song he had done before appears in uniform no sideburns or guitar and the FANS parents now accept him and his FAN base grows. once again you have to be over 50 to see all of this while it played out it was truly an amazing run, like no other in show business before or after.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
I recently heard a discussion about how "bad" Elvis' movies were, But if you put them into their time period and forget how things changed they would be no better or no worse than what people are watching today on Nickeloden stations. They are the same types of movies doris day rock hudson and a string of others did, through the 60's only they gave us a song and a dance to, and it was the FANS of that time period who put him on top. people under 50 have no idea what he was all about, he was the beginning. He cracked the barrier that got black artists played on white radio opening the flood gates to Rock and Roll that rolled across the US. England and the rest of the world were about a year late. Anything that came behind him were just hitchhikers because they all faded from the scene and he changed with the times. The mistakes I see with Elvis Presley are Overwork in Las Vegas to much travel in the mid 70's and Keeping Colonel Parker on Board.
tornado (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Couldn't agree more with you Steve. There is a difference between fan and fanatic. Respect is the main word here. "You want respect, give respect" as Tony Soprano said... After all, this is a fun thing, not a cult. Well I hope it's not, cause I'm out of here. Passion can live with reasons here too. What I discovered over the years, is that some fans, were rock n' roll fondamentalists, and like fundamentalists, they are intolerant, narrow minded, and above all often uneducated about Elvis the man and his music. Some of them seem to think that Elvis commited the crime of high treason for singing ballads and other style. It seems some rednecks found their niche in the Elvis world. I'm glad to read here that a lot of fans are tolerant, openminded folks and support Steve's point of view. It's really refreshing.
elvistributes (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
I can say that i have been a fan since i knew who elvis was, i am now 39yrs old , with 20 of those years being involved with elvis fanclubs,and currently a vice president of one. I am also a tribute artist who loves everything from classical to some modern artists. I CHOOSE to collect all the kings music and dvd's, i am very selective of what i purchase as far as my collection as i CHOOSE not to buy what I CONSIDER tacky and have a nice collection, NOT BIG of elvis related products which i display at home, with all who visit saying they really like my display cabinet and the pictures of him i have hung in my house.I married a great girl who is an elvis fan and our tastes in what we both like are sometimes different and that is cool. ELVIS LOVED AND WAS GREATFULL TO ALL HIS FANS, THATS WHY HE GAVE HIS ALL - FOR HIS FANS! So just ENJOY the legacy he left behind we are not all the same and some are not near as vocal as others of their love for what he acheived and done in his short 20yrs as an entertainer, BUT WE ARE ALL HIS FANS! help keep the memory alive not tarnish it for non fans to ridicule us all for loving the greatest entertainer of all time.
brunop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Interesting discussion...
an elvis not sized from his collection..this is the fan can prefer a movie, another fan hate it...
we all are unique persons..we may have different points of wiew...there are not "iron regulations" on what one has to say or think..about Elvis..the point is that a real genuine fan love the Elvis music, love Elvis' quality of his great and unique voice, love the to collect vinyls,cds,dvds..etc,...very often a fan with a poor collection has more love than a fan with 100.000 Elvis items in their collection.

Respect is has the collection that one can efford to buy..or want to buy...all this is said by one who collect Elvis since 1950s.. and has grown with his very large Elvis collection of over 10.000..records ..and he is a 70 years old guy now.....that one its me

Bruno from italy..still enjoing to collect (not only Elvis of course)
Mike Landsdown (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Great article Steve!

As an Elvis fan, it is sad to read some of the comments that appear on this site where people will be openly critical of others because they do not share the same opinion, or feel that they have the right to make abusive comments about Sony Music, EPE, Ernst Jorgensen, etc., because a particular release was not up to their standards, or because a certain album was released instead of something else. Naturally, we all have personal preferences as to which of Elvis' recordings / movies / concerts we prefer, and certain releases do not achieve their full potential, however, there is a huge difference between offering a personal opinion and making rude and abusive comments.

As to whether someone is classed a 'bigger' Elvis fan because of the size of their collection, does it not come down to some preferring to own more 'stuff' than others, as opposed to their overall love and respect for him as a man and artist? I have met some fans who have been to Graceland multiple times, listen to Elvis daily and regularly watch his movies and yet do not have everything that was released during his lifetime, let alone all of the outtakes, soundboards, etc. that have been subsequently released. However, Elvis is still a major part of their lives. Are they a 'smaller' (or 'lesser') fan because of this? No - they just choose to have less 'stuff'. I personally am happy having a copy of each master studio recording that Elvis made, along with each of the live albums released between 69-77, as well as the 33 films and 2 of the 3 TV specials (I do not own Elvis In Concert), supplemented by a few box sets of additional material. I love the FTD concept, but to date have not purchased any of them, as I am generaly happy with what I have. However, I am still a Elvis fan, who doesn't feel any 'bigger' than someone who doesn't have as much, or 'smaller' than someone who owns every official release and bootleg.

Elvis made a significant contribution to music and culture (and through this, the lives of millions) of the latter half of the 20th Century. His impact is still being felt today, however, he was first and foremost (dare I say) 'only' an entertainer. Our family, friends, health, career, faith and well-being are more important than how many versions of 'From Elvis In Memphis' we posess. Elvis plays a significant part of the lives of all of us that visit this site, but sometimes it is easy to lose perspective and become defensive. Ultimately, this serves no positive purpose, but can have a huge negative impact (e.g. we almost lost this excellent site after certain comments in the wake of Michael Jackson's death). As Natha (and others) have commented, we should respect the opinions of each other and enjoy what is really important in all of this - the life, career, music and films of Elvis Presley.
MightBelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Here's my pet peve...when you hear people complain about no new songs or the same old releases. Folks this is all there is. Elvis is gone! Nothing new. That's it! I hate all the outtakes too. I think this is very disrespectful to Elvis. It wasn't meant to be released. He didn't want that stuff released. When I listen to Elvis, it is on the original vinyl records. Now that makes me the greatest Elvis fan :-)
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Oh no i had a type,no edit button sorry,hope everyone can understand my words lol
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Natha,100% correct,and no i didnt miss the point from david,when you start off by pointing out mistakes in someones writing it tells me how you think,always looking for something to pick at. Shouldnt we be more concerned that good fans are being abused wioth words and threats? Quite frankly i dont know why deano1 is saying he is sorry for anything. And yes nahtha take away the put down remarks and i bet some wouldnt even want to give there view because its not giving there view its about telling everyone how right they are and how everyone else is wrong. And again suzie b,i have to say i dont know david,but the story written was true and the spelling erros etc are not the important part,people are always ready to put down fans who write the truth,and even though the abuse might be small,it needs to go bye bye and have fans talk about there hobby not how great they are and how stupid the rest of us are.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Once again ( how many times already ?) I have to agree wholeheartedly with the words Natha wrote. Mutual respect is the essence ! As for the posting(s) of Deano 1, well, I do not always agree with him either, but at least he never calls someone names our uses rude language. Davrid : you seem to be really angry. Was it necessary to use this more or less "agressive" language ? "self-aggrandising nonsense", "crass", "ill-written garbage ", etc... C'mon guys, let's calm down and let us all have a nice weekend with lots of music of Our Man. Always El.
SuziB (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Mature_Elvis_Fan et al. I think you actually missed the point davrid was making in drawing an anlogy between the standard of writing and the level of debate, which is actually not only reasonable but logical, Despite the odd typo or two (assuming he meant £20,000 etc) davrid's writing is way way better than the original post, he wasn't criticising the need to 'proof read' ie typos but the structure of how someone wrtites and thre is a direct link between this and how they structure an argument. I actually though davrid's post was really interesting, has I have seen him attacked on this site several times for his views, particulary a while back on his views on Elvis On Tour, when he dismissed it as unnecessary, Elvis psychoogically and physically ill, way below his best etc. I 've known davrid a while - we met through this site - I always respect his opinions as although I don't always agree with them, they are based upon a vast knowledge of Elvis and an even bigger love. So to me, his opinions are worth more thans some others. If people are sending abusive emails, the easiest thing to do is ignore them, I get quite a few messages in my inbox on this site, and while a few are abusive, most are nothing of the kind, meaning (at least in my case) the abuse is in the minority and easy to ignore.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Well written. The point is that we must respect one another. If you like to buy (almost) anything that is released, others should not call you names. And the same holds when you don't like something. To compare is one of the deepest rooted weekness in the human mind, hence hard to uproot and irradicate. We should appreciate this site and its members for being able to share views and ideas, without the thought that 'my view and idea' is the ultimate one. Maybe the Editors should remove opinions with words like idiot, moron and other person-degrading remarks.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2010report abuse
Thank you for the kind response to my article and thank you to "davrid" for pointing out my shortcomings as a writer (I should have proof read it after I calmed down and before sending it to Lex). I guess I allowed emotion to override my use of the English language. I just could not believe the response I received for what I felt was a reasonable assessment of "Elvis On Tour”.

That being said, I realized I hadn’t always been willing to look at the other side of some issues concerning Elvis. There are many people on this site who were buying Elvis' records long before I was born and even though I don't agree with everything they say, I do respect their opinions. I use to be a little more of a fanatic (even a little high strung at times), but I have learned to look at Elvis' career with a more discerning eye/ear. This hasn't made me less of an Elvis fan, but it has actually made me appreciate him more. I can still enjoy almost anything he sang ("Barefoot Ballad" is bad, really bad), but that doesn't mean everything he sang or did is equally great and a minority of it is poor.
bray1977 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Excellent article. Totally true. Some Elvis fans really need to get out more. Not all of us, just a few. Especially whoever is that moron who attacked you via email. Thats just pathetic.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
When you start making comments about someones errors in how they write, it says alot. Its a great article for the sane fan.
davrid (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
This is the biggest load of self-aggrandising nonsense imagineable. Through the most appalling written diatribe, without the merest hint of deference to proper punctutation and syntax, you are perpetuating what you are trying to confront - imposing one's personal opinions on others with the incredible arrogrance that you do not even consider you might be incorrect.

Some of your assertions are crass and fatuous in the extreme. I have over 15,000 Elvis cds and albums. Do I 'love' Elvis more than a guy who only has "Aloha From Hawaii", of course I do - there is no debate. Otherwise, why does he oly have one album? Furthermore, I spend at least 20,00 per year on my Elvis 'stuff'; not because I can, but, rather, because I want to. I will willingly concede our purchases to allow me to engage as fully as possible in what is the biggest interest in my life. Yes, I've picked up on a particular point in your article but only because it's so poorly written and considered, you are self-defeating in your views. Are my opinions on Elvis worth more than that same guy with one album? It depends on who the audience is, but, yes, generally, I believe they are, not out of arrogance but out of experience and knowledge of the subject. Everyone has a right to an opinion, one free of rancour and hostility, but well crafted and reasoned opinions based upon experience are much more deserving than opinions based upon ignorance of the subject, regardless of the subject - Elvis or otherwise. There is no excuse for personal attacks but some of the ignorance - invariably presented as ' fact', not opinion - demonstrated on this site, and others, is simply mind-blowing, with invariably the same perveyors of nonsense being responsible again and again. Before espousing, ill-informed (and ill-written) garbage, at least study the subject, and how to write, at least, reasonably intelligently.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
mature that is correct. I was physically threatened several times by some sicko on this site because I didn't like a certain song of the day or some movie. I think that person was kicked off finally. Great article by the way.
DekeR (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
A very good article. So sad how some people behave.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Sorry for the typos fellas,and again im not talking about this site. Steve v seems like you had some one attack you because you dont love everything Elvis?
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
What more can be said ? Great article, and so true !!! Hats off !!! Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
I have had the same crap happen to me, not only do you get the harassment, bad language, called very name in the book, but i have seen sites were the moderators do nothing about the abuse,and other members are too wink willed to stand up for anything. And the site i have in mind is not this one,you are told that your views expecially if there negative are not done in the right tone,but its ok to be personal attacked,just dont say you dont like a release, expecially fomr a certain collectors label. What many Elvis fans who behave in such childish ways dont seem to grasp is there are lawas for harassment and in my view shyould be laws for those wimps who dont stand up for anything except to tell you how wrong you are.
KTemple (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
This is a great article, well done. Its so true that Elvis fans often ask me how many records or cds I have? Now I have quite a few but to some fans who get everything just because it has a different photo on the front, they judge themselves as better, bigger fans. Ive always said that even a fan with one cd can have the same or sometimes more love for Elvis than the person who is often obsessed with collecting. Many collectors don't have love for Elvis, they love collecting. In conclusion opinions are great and everyone is entitled to them but there is no point competing as fans, just enjoy being a fan.
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
you're absolutely right.
srodriguez (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Great Article Steve!!! It is sad that Elvis fans just cannot agree to disagree. Thanks again
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Great article and so true. I have had personal messages snet to me calling me the lowest form of the female anatomy because I did not like a certain song or performance. Some of the people on this site are certainly odd and give Elvis fans a bad name, but when I read an article like this and the responses below me, I know there are a lot of intelligent fans out there.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Very good article. We Elvis fans are sometimes pityful when we discuss the works of Elvis Presley. And of course Elvis himself knew that not everything he did was that good. I know that too. But yes, some fans think they know everything and even know what he thought at some moment. Nonsense of course. Agree, john carpenter ? LOL...
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Steve, dude, you did NOT just say that “Harum Scarum” isn’t a freakin’ masterpiece, did you?!?!?!?! LOL! My guess is we’re all pretty fanatic when it comes to Elvis. Why else would we register, come here (some (most?) of us) on a daily basis and post on certain topics? The thing with opinions is, that they can ruffle some feathers…no need to get hostile though… There are more important things in the world than music.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2010report abuse
Fantastic article and says so much about the way things are sometimes in the Elvis world.!.........congrats my friend and should set the record straight.

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