Sirius About Your Elvis!

By Dan SicilianoJul 3, 2004
Sirius About Your Elvis!
Are you serious about the King of Rock and roll, I mean really sirius? Well, then your dream has come true. For the first time ever a radio station on satellite radio is completely Elvis. Yes, I said Elvis! All Elvis, all the time. Sirius radio, a major provider of satellite radio has debuted the new station today July 2nd, Broadcasting live from Graceland. Hits from the early years, the movies, concerts and outtakes are all here. I don't really think it has sunk into the fan's heads how fantastic this is. To not just hear the occasional “Jailhouse Rock" or “Hound Dog", but to hear the entire spectrum of Presley's recordings, even the rarest of outtakes all on one station, 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause! For those who may not know the technology, here is the rundown. Sirius satellite radio is a small unit that is easily installed into your car's existing stereo system. It can be directly connected if your car stereo has an auxiliary input, or it transmits the signal to an unused radio station, called an Fm Modulator, so any car radio can use it. Sirius radio has over 130 channels of music, of course we are only interested in one of them, called "Elvis Radio". The sound is close to that of a CD and the car units can be taken out and with the addition of a home "cradle", can be connected into your home stereo just like a CD player. So you see, Elvis can be everywhere you are. In your car and in your home, and it's easy! I am listening to Elvis Radio right now in my office! As I was driving to lunch, I heard George Klein tell a very funny Elvis story about, what else, but a Cadillac! So far, only about ten hours old, I have heard numerous outtakes, live cuts from several concerts and movie soundtracks, all mixed together very nicely. This is probably one of the most exciting, not to mention historical events this year. The exposure this will bring Elvis to the younger generation is crucial. At work, one coworker walked past me and said ", I never knew Elvis sang that song!" I knew then this was something bigger than I first thought. The amount of Elvis library that actually reaches the public is very small. Think about it, maybe a handful of songs, but not much more. With Elvis Radio, many will be amazed at the "king's many hundreds of songs he recorded. Please, support this amazing Elvis experience. The channel is commercial free and has bumpers and a DJ. The Sirius radio equipment is widely available at major electronics retailers and you can pick up the entire system, with install in your car and a home cradle for about a couple hundred dollars! This is well worth the price to have Elvis Radio ... all the time. Think about it! Today, all of a sudden, I am driving much slower than normal ...why hurry! Dan Siciliano Las Vegas
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Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on May 25, 2005report abuse
I loved Elvis 13 on Sirius, but can't get it on a permanent basis in UK. I enquired re. subscription and was told it is not available at present. Anyone know if this is due to change. Any pressure anyone can put on them would be GREATLY appreciated. How about EPE helping us UK fans out? Thanks.
Jon Thor (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
Can anyone tell me if there has ever been a radio channel devoted entierly to one artist? And if so, who was it?

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