Rare Elvis

Jun 4, 2000
Rare Elvis
Design It looks like the webmaster of this site is doing very well for himself, the recommended screen resolution for this site is 1024 x 1280 which means you almost need a seventeen inch screen. Looking at the resolution it should probably be 1280 x 1024, but that must be a typo, or does he really expect we put our monitor on its side?. The standard screen resolution on the WWW is still 800 x 600 so this resolution isn't too smart to use when you're selling something. Most visitors will have troubles navigating the site, since a lot of menu items are somewhere on the screen, mostly out of sight. Talking about the navigation, there's no menu on the site. There are several categories of items made available on different parts / corners of the screen. The categories are well chosen. The images on the site are of good quality and are well chosen to "picture' the category. The background images are obviously chosen for the recommended screen resolution, thus too big for "standard" resolutions. The font size is pretty big, but that is necessary when using a big screen resolution, but looks a bit weird on smaller resolutions. Rating: 6/10 Content The content of the site isn't too big, just images of all the items which are for sale like concert tickets, records an other memorabilia. All items are presented in a nice way with (unfortunately) only German Marks on the price-tag while the language is English. Why not (also) use other currencies like the dollar on an international medium like the Internet? Rating: 6/10 Advise Our conclusion, a nice site when looking for some Elvis memorabilia, but the site does need some changes to make it a real on line shop which is easy to use for all visitors stopping by.

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