Rare Elvis 3

By ElvisNews.com / KeesJul 11, 2007
Rare Elvis 3
Released on the “RE3” label is volume 3 in the “Rare Elvis” series. Is it rare? Design This budget import release comes with a simple design in line with the official releases in this series from RCA. The only problem is the omission of the details of the alternate versions on this compilation. Content Like so many rip-off bootlegs, which appear to be, coming out (e.g. A “Legendary Performer Vol. 9” or any volume in the “Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology” series) this compilation does not contain any unreleased track what so ever. On that point this release scores 0/10 points. But the CD does score on listening pleasure with alternate takes of “Little Sister”, my personal favourite “(Marie’s The Name Of) His Latest Flame” and “G.I. Blues “. Like the before mentioned “Tiger Man” series the fun of releases like this is the different sound these compilations have through the use of alternate versions. Perhaps BMG could add a little chatter between the tracks on their next compilation, that way you have contentious audio and no “breaks” between the tracks. Conclusion This compilation gets a 0/10 for originality but an 8/10 for listening pleasure Track listing Little Sister (take 1-5) / Little Sister (take 6) / Judy (take 1) / Judy (take 2-3) / Judy (take 4) / His Latest Flame ( take 1) / His Latest Flame (take 2) / His Latest Flame (take 3, 4) / His Latest Flame (take 5, 6) / Good Luck Charm (take 1) / What She's Really Like ( take 6, 7) / G.I. Blues (take 7) / Doin' The Best I Can (take 9) / Pocketful Of Rainbows (take 2) / Your Cheatin' Heart (take 9) / Viva Las Vegas (Stereo version) / What I'd Say (Stereo version) / A Dog's Life (take 1) / You'll Be Gone (take 2) / It's A Long Lonely Highway (Single version) / 500 Miles (version 1) / 500 Miles (version 2) / A Little Less Conversation (Single version) / You'll Think Of Me (Single version) / Life (Single Version) / Almost In Love ( Single version).
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japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 20, 2007report abuse
save your money for something else.This cd is one of the worst import cd (also Tiger man serie.Our memories of ,´56 sessions---).I´ts not even the original masters. Because the mixes on the original album are different.Little sister,His latest flame and Judy are highlights from sessions.And have slightly different studiochat between the take than on the cd version.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
If it should be a plain copy of the Rare Elvis LP series from the 80`s..they shouldn`t have included 500 Miles..it wasn`t on there..
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
Shakingruud and Kees : thanks for the explanation. I'll take my chances and i'll buy it if i can find it. I like alt.takes and as for the sound , well, i'll take the good with the bad and trust Kees for the 8/10 for listening pleasure. Wishing both of you all the best!
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
Benny, I miss the details on the takes and the background information. That additional information is nice to have when you listen to "rare" recordings.

The audio quality isn't something that is the most essential on releases like this. They contain material that wasn't supposed to be released so it didn't get the mastering (from BMG) one would wish it would get on a bootleg release when someone "borrowed" these recordings from the vaults. It sounds good, believe me I have far worse sounding releases, some producers claim it is Elvis I'm suppose to hear somewhere in the distant background. The sound quality must be enjoyable and this release surely qualifies.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
Hi Benny. Yes it bought it myself ( wish i didn´t .....) I can live with some poorer quality, buy awful childish artwork...aaah!! i really hate that!
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
Shakingruud: thanks for warning us. But how come you know the sound-quality is poor? Did you buy it yourself and feel framed now? Kees : which missing details of the alternate takes are you referring to ? Do you mean dates, studio's, musicians ???
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
This is by far the worst ´import´ cd of 2007. The front cover is a very bad copy of the original cover( even my own printer can make better quality prints) and the sound quality is also poor. HANDS OFF!!
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2007report abuse
At least it says "rare" and not "unreleased tracks". The cover pic... it's not my favourite.

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