Radio Recorders

By ElvisNews/ LexNov 24, 2017
Radio Recorders

Memphis Recording Service released Radio Recorders earlier this week. The album is part of the vinyl counterpart of their Studio Sessions '56 release from last summer.


The cover is used often, but it never came into its own like this time. The fold out photo in the sleeve contains several black and white shots from the September sessions and the full colour inside is another very famous publicity shot.


This one has less outtakes than Music City, only one of Old Shep and a hand full of tracks containing takes 10-18 of Rip It Up.

1 Rip It Up
2 Long Tall Sally
3 Anyplace Is Paradise
4 First in Line
5 Ready Teddy
6 Paralyzed
7 Too Much
8 Love Me
9 Old Shep

1 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
2 How Do You Think I Feel
3 How's the World Treating You
4 Playing For Keeps
5 Old Shep (Take 5)
6 Rip it Up (Takes 10 – 14)
7 Rip it Up (Take 15)
8 Rip it Up (Take 16)
9 Rip it Up (Take 17)
10 Rip it Up (Take 18)

Sound-wise it is what you expect from MRS: crystal clear as always.


Together with its brother in arms Music City it is the perfect Christmas gift for any Elvis-fans! It’s so much better than those tacky abominations by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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