Promised Land

Jun 10, 2000
Promised Land
Hurray! They didn't change the coverart to the awful cover published on the Internet in the weeks before the re-release. They did use that photo, but on the backside of the inlay. The liner notes are decorated with some good live pictures, but again in a not so well quality. Behind the CD the sleeve of the single "If You Talk in Your Sleep" is showed. The soundquality of this release is slightly better than previous releases of this material on other releases. When compared to the first release on CD of this album, we can say the remastering of the tracks is much better. On e.g. "It's Midnight" we now hear a lot of instruments much clearer now. We have to admit that this a damned fine collection of Elvis songs, which will probably end up in our CD-player regularly. Original review 1975 Elvis Presley really hits home, and this record shows his ability once again to perform country and pop together or separately. For the first time in quite awhile, Elvis uses his voice for all its beauty. Strangely enough, he is still developing his voice in other areas and it sounds great. The selection of tunes will give him a chance to score in many markets. Best cuts: "Promised Land," "Love Song Of The Year," "It's Midnight," "If You Talk In Your Sleep," "You Asked Me To." Dealers: This album deserves the Word.


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