Paul's Elvis Page

Dec 13, 1999
Paul's Elvis Page
As you might have noticed we are allowed to publish several Top 3’s on our site weekly. "The Best of the Net"-list had a new number one for the previous two weeks. We wanted to find out why. Design The design is quite loud, because of the repeating background. Although the embossed picture is a nice idea, it would be better in our opinion to find another way to use it. E.g. a bigger picture centred or at least repeating the picture less often. Also the borders around the pictures, used as buttons are looking a bit messy, especially after you have visited some of them. The buttons themselves do not say anything about the link, and they "hide" the text links, which are giving more info. We noticed the alternate text for the "buttons", but a lot of surfers are impatient and do not wait for them. The navigation structure is very consequent. On every page there’s a link back to the main page. But we wish there was a (text) menu on the sub pages, because now you have to scroll down immediately to turn of the irritating midi-file. We still wonder why so many sites use those noisy things, it’s just as illegal as using Elvis’ own recordings. One last remark regarding the design is the use of transparent pictures. Obviously they are copied from other sites, but with a busy background like Paul’s they don’t fit. Rating: 6 out of 10 Content About the content of Paul’s site we can be pretty short. It is mainly a picture-site, offering sometimes real great pictures, often rare and mostly in good quality. Paul is very secure and adds a pretty good description to most pictures. This aspect of Paul’s site makes us understand why it is popular with most of the fans, and makes it "score" in the Best of the Net-list. The overview of Paul’s own collection made us a little green of jealousy, but we have to live with that. Beside those two items and the (hidden) links to other sites at specific subjects, the site has (of course) a separate links page. At least Paul shows us his personal Top 10, which is more than a lot of the other sites do, unfortunately Paul didn’t add a "why" to his Top 10 too. Rating: 8 out of 10 Advise Besides the little tips we gave regarding the design, there is not much to say. It’s quite clear why this page is popular by fans: a lot of pictures including information, and we enjoyed that pretty much ourselves. So we do agree on a pretty high score for content, but… like the webmaster of "Elvis Scores" states, design is not about the biggest (or most) Elvis pictures on the frontpage… We’d like to thank Paul for his effort for the Elvis fans and are glad to award him with our 1 Star Site of the Week Award.

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