Once More: Always Elvis

Oct 8, 2000
Once More:  Always Elvis
Our original conclusion for this website was: "Here we have a page that is a nice temporary substitute for the "For Elvis CD Collectors Only"-page. This webmaster could add his own personal touch some more to make the difference between his, and the For Elvis CD Collectors Only website. We can't give out an award just yet, but if the webmaster makes sure there are some outstanding differences between his and comparable sites we might just have to take another look at our review". What does the site look like now? Summary Old Design (rating: 6/10) Here we have a page that looks like, feels like and tastes like the old version of the above mentioned site. Even the very unusual font that was used there, is used on most pages here too. Here we have a main menu and very long pages with the actual content. Sometimes there's an appropriate submenu. On some of the pages we discovered a certain system in the way the content was displayed, on some pages we are still searching for the "logic". ... there's "no way back" on this site ... a not too fancy look, an inconsequent use of fonts, and changing the background colour several times ... one page there is a fancy menu with a Java-applet, which doesn't seem to be in place on this site. New Design This website looks like it's sponsoring it's hosting-provider "Tripod" since each time you use the menu-page (you need for navigation) two pop-up windows are opened. (The code seems to be in the source). On the rest of the site there no advertisements. Navigation goes through the entry page on which a basic FrontPage Java-menu is used. The yellow looks O.K. on the black background, but the "rainbow" which you get on the 'mouse over" ... well let's say we'd picked another one. Although the menu is only featured on one page it's works good since the site only goes down one level and has a 'back" button at the bottom of each page which takes you there. The design of the site is simple yet very effective. Each page has a black background, the same header, and a "back" button at the bottom. The images used on the site are of good quality and the use of colours is done tastefully. mainly white fonts, a bit large in our opinion, and sometimes different colours to emphasize something. Conclusion: Navigation has been improved and the site has a more consistent design. Rating: 8/10 Summary Old Content (rating: 6/10) We can be very brief about the content of this site, we've seen it before. As we mentioned in the opening of this review, the site looks like a "copy" of the well known "For CD Collectors Only" at first sight. There are a lot of (import) CD's listed here, but it's hardly more than a track listing. New Content This site claims to keep up with all (worldwide) CD releases. We had a look around at it seems like it's pretty up-to-date, even on the import releases which are getting harder to collect these days. Browsing the content we found the most important releases on-line, but the claim "for every CD in the world" is a bit bold. The content of this site can be summarized easily. There are overviews of all kind of releases, BMG, Import, Follow That Dream, Promo's, Time Life CD's and so on. All with covers and tracklisting. The news page contains CD news only, but that not that strange for a site like this. The link page is a banner-page with mainly the usual links without any comment. Two items differ from the rest, an overview of DVD's and a message for "Elvis - The Concert" for Dutch visitors. A remark we have to make with regard to the previous version is that all information is still presented as it is. No additional comments from the webmaster regarding for example the content or design of the releases. but the site is no longer a 'copy" of the "For Elvis CD Collectors Only" website. Rating 7/10 Conclusion This webmaster made some good improvements on his site, collected additional information in regard to the previous version and presenting it this way. But as mentioned above the "additional information" is still missing. There are more sites like this one around, we'd like to advise the webmaster to add that "something special". Adding a personal comment / view on the releases presented on this site could be a start. We are glad we can award the webmaster an award this time, our two-star-award. by adding the extra information we mentioned this site has the potential for more.
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