My Baby Left Me/ One Sided Love Affair

By Elvis Presley Scrapbook/ Tony StuchburyAug 22, 2007
My Baby Left Me/ One Sided Love Affair
Released on the 20th August from The Memphis Recording Service (UK) Ltd and manufactured in the E.U is My Baby Left Me c/w One Sided Love Affair. First of all this is a 'collectors release' with beautiful authentic looking artwork that replicates the look of Elvis' early releases in the UK on the HMV label, this is a nice touch with the single being available only in the UK from HMV stores. This quicktime enhanced CD is replicated black vinyl made to look like a record and is very simliar to the current CD singles on offer from Sony/BMG, the plus point here though is that this release is interactive. If played in a CD or DVD player you get two audio tracks but if played in a PC you have the option of not only the afore mentioned tunes but also to watch and hear Elvis sing Don't Be Cruel live on stage in Tupelo 26th Sept 1956, a nice touch indeed. Once on screen and playing in your PC there is an easy to navigate menu with the option to also select and view other titles available from The Memphis Recording Service label and I suggest you do this because hidden in there is the promo video for the Tupelo's Own release. This again is nice touch and a good piece of PR work. I wanted to have this promo video in better quality than the on line downloads in my collection anyway. If you select to play one of the two audio tracks you get a nice still of Elvis in the recording studio while you listen. I must admit that although the audio is different to the masters by Kevan Budd on the Sony/BMG releases it is of a high quality and very listenable, for some reason though it sounds better on my PC than it does on my hi - fi system, that is in no way a criticism of the relase and just my own observation. This is not a release to ignore lightly and there are some rather well known names involved with the product namely: Paul Dowling, Chris Giles and Joe Tunzi. The CD was mastered and authored by Mick Ritchie and cover art is by Real Bouwman, John Michael Heath and Kevin Reape. This compilation is produced by Joseph Pirzada and Co and produced by Joe Tunzi. All in all this is a very proffesional product and is more than worth the £2.99 it costs to purchase, go on and treat yourself you deserve it and in the process we might just get Elvis his first #1 on a legal independant label.
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pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 28, 2007report abuse
i agree with canedlinthewind that you should buy two copies of each cd so as to have one thats wrapped and one to play!-mind you,it's only been "my baby left me" thats actualy shrink-wrapped so far!(the rest of the 18 singles are not wrapped at all..apart from the 10 inch vinyl singles,which are better as there numbered abd shrink-wrapped and come with a red sticker)So,im able to play the cd's each week as they are NOT shrink-wrapped and no-one would notice that you even opened the packet but as for the 10 inch vinyl singles i am NOT ever gonna open the packing as i know exactley what the track-listing is as the CD is the very same!(to own all the 18 10 inch vinyl singles all together all shrink wrapped will be a great buzz and achievment when the singles campaign is fiver in december)..I just wonder why in 2005 they did'n't release the 10 inch vinyl singes "shrink wrapped" as the current ones are??..still,it was good to own all the 18 uk no.1 singles in 10 inch vinyl form with the "numbered edition" on each single.
candleinthewind (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2007report abuse
Hey simple solution here for £2.99 buy two, one to play one to put away. I cannot ever buy a release and just put it away without checking the label and whats on the disc etc.. I always open the item carefully and keep all related wrapping.This disc I feel will be more collecable to the American market being a British Hmv release with a 15,000 total output.
Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2007report abuse
remember that just about anything that is made today will be worthless in years to come. Because people buy stuff and just put away. its not like it was from the the 40's to the mid 70's people bought and played with the material. today they overproduce and make a profit which is the way it should be. The silly's but and save what is worthless. And Elvis the early stuff has a super value and always will but remember from Heartbreak Hotel on were are talking Million sellers world wide so no one knows how much Mint stuff is out there and thats a good thing. and Picture covers in Mint condition is the icing on the cake.
Rusty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2007report abuse
I could never buy a record and not play it, the sound is so amazing on 'My baby Left Me' that you just have to play it and the added bobus of the live concert footage is first rate, you have to remember that these sets will never be worth more than you paid for them, there are going to be over 30,000 mint sets out there that nobody has played how can they ever be worth more than you paid, there are people on ebay now trying to sell these discs with nothing like the demand of two years ago when it was all new, the first thing I do is play them to check out the sound and enjoy the music.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2007report abuse
got my CD and VINYL delivered by HMV and was really excited in recieving them both!-My only gripe mwas the fact the 10 inch vinyl was not shrink-wrapped like the cd was..the cd came shrink-wrapped and makes it more collectable,so the vinyl should have been shrink-wrapped aswell!!(on a more postive note:at-least the 10 singles that are released each-week are actualy "shrink wrapped and numbered,making it more exciting putting the 10 vinyl in the red box still wrapped.)..I cannot understand fans who would tear open the wrapping thus reducing it's collectablity?'s like the old star wars figures from 1977 that came in packaging..they are worth lots still packeged but reduced in value if opened..i certainly will NOT be opening any cd's or vinyl that come wrapped!!.

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