Moody Blue

By LexJan 11, 2014
Moody Blue

A FTD I was not really looking forward to. The Jungle Room sessions aren’t my piece of cake generally.


As usual with the classic album series the design is well done. The background information is decorated with many memorabilia from the archives, cover art and some shots of the man himself. Seeing those of the time I completely understand why they took a 1972 picture for the cover in 1977.


The original album was a mess, due to a lack of studio recordings. The overdubs made the live recordings (except Let Me Be There, which was ok by itself) a kind of acceptable, but they were far from Elvis at his best. The studio tracks were by far the better of the Graceland-sessions. I think with the right promotion both singles could have been bigger hits than they were (ok, Way Down became a bigger hit because of his death, but was on the way back without a high peak already). The B-sides were fine too, certainly compared to most of the sessions. It’s Easy For You is a fine song, too bad it sounds like Elvis recorded it through a telephone. He’ll Have to Go is, ah well, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt… okay too.

Not too bad comments for an album I was not looking forward too, huh? Let’s say I am in a mild mood because his birthday was earlier this week. The first CD continues with an alternative version of the album…. Different takes and undubbed masters. Here the pain starts, it is so obvious that the dubbing of the live track was not for nothing. I still do not understand why My Way shows up on this alternate version.

As bonus tracks we get more of She Thinks I Still Care and America and Softly as I Leave You. Two more songs I can easily live without.

The second CD has more outtakes and rough mixes and a couple of tracks that belonged on that other album from the Graceland-sessions: rough mixes of the masters of Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain and Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall. The combination of the live version of America with the ending of the studio version is pretty ridiculous.


All together this album isn’t too bad, because of the pretty strong songs.


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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2014report abuse
The Moody Blue LP made me blue. A hodge podge of the highest order. No disrespect to those that love it, but really, it was obviously put out here to fulfill a contractual obligation. Never was a fan of mixing studio and live cuts on one album anyway. 3 stars for Way Down and Its Easy For You. Never care if I hear the other songs again.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2014report abuse
As I said Jerry no disrespect. Sorry you took it that way.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2014report abuse
Should read 4 additional studio tracks,
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2014report abuse
Okay, old scudder. If it will make you happy I'll deduct 2 stars. But then I wouldn't be true to myself. Because I enjoy this album and the others you mention equally. Just exactly what constitutes a "proper" album? Wouldn't have been released? Sure it would have. The only difference would have been the absence of the live tracks. Replaced by 3 additional studio tracks if Elvis had provided more. As you say it's thrown together. So what? Elvis' discography is full of those. I enjoy them all. Is that okay with you? We all react to Elvis' music in its various packages in different ways for various reasons. Me? The Memphis sessions have been packaged and repackaged so often that I don't care if I ever listen again.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2014report abuse
I'd also give it 5 stars. That is on a scale was 1 to 10. No disrespect Jerry but if you give this 5 stars what would you give Elvis Presley(2nd Lp) or Elvis Country 0r Elvis In Memphis? All are superior to this LP which would have never been released if Elvis would have had been receptive to recording at that time. It was just thrown together & not really a proper album.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 7, 2014report abuse
I received this album about a month ago. I can't stop playing it. Of course, I loved this hodge podge when it was originally released. Now there's even more to love. Everything is a highlight for me. I love it all. All, Lex. Lighten up and goo with the flow. Oh... Moody Blue. 5 stars.
Dazman (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2014report abuse
Re the Moody Blue fade out I mean the original album cut. Also Felton's overdubs really suppressed Elvis' performance. Elvis really blasts the cobwebs away here.
Dazman (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2014report abuse
Just got my copy yesterday as I'm a bit behind in the recent FTD's. A line up like this really makes you appreciate Elvis' final period and not the original hodge-podge we were first served up with. Not RCA's fault I might add. Disc 2 carries the set in my view, where the undubbed version of 'Way Down' is the only highlight on disc 1. I actually have no problem with 'My Way' appearing on the alternate album, after all it was Elvis' signature song for 1977 given it's single status for the year. My favourites for disc 2 are the 'Way Down' part of the session. Elvis and the band are really hot and the repartee is such a treat. It's just as good as it was at Stax in December '73. I'm just completely mystified as to why the instrumental break during take 2A was edited out. The U/D version of 'Blue Eyes...' with it's upfront guitar gives it a nice raw feel, and doesn't Elvis shine on the 'Moody Blue' master. I can't understand why it fades out after 2:50'. Both Elvis and Ronnie Tutt are at full tilt after then. Another terrific set from FTD.
snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2014report abuse
I reckon Elvis was going through a commercial and artistic rennaisance when he cut Moody blue and Way down. The country tracks belong on his best blues compilations. You figure it out. As an Irish person, Elvis brings out the true feeling in Danny Boy, it's called sorrow.
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2014report abuse
I meant 'Let Me Be There' rather than 'If You Love Me...'
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2014report abuse
Hello, I think FTD have presented this material about as well as anyone could. In my view, Felton Jarvis performed a small miracle producing a passable LP from some decidedly mediocre elements. The undubbed masters of concert recordings like Unchained Melody' and 'Little Darlin' are too rudimentary for words. None of the rejected studio cuts are essential, though the raw masters are at least interesting. Why a live recording of 'My Way' has been included is a mystery. This FTD is essential for completists and 70's fans. I'm neither, and the original album, less the dismal canned audience on 'If You'll Love Me...', is quite enough for me - sometimes less really is more.
Polk Salad Robert (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2014report abuse
Benny Scott and Natha ,I totally agree that the review reactions are as important as the reviews itselves ... but they shouldnt be written too long ;-)
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2014report abuse
Hi Natha, amen to your latest posting ! Always El.
Troubleman (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2014report abuse
Lex- I liked your review, and it’s basically how I feel about the album. I do like this album better than ‘From Elvis Presley Boulevard’, but it is an ‘incomplete’ album, and it shows. Felton Jarvis had to struggle to get enough live recordings to complete it. I’m not sure why he chose the 1974 recording of ‘Let me be there’ instead of adding an unreleased (at that time) version of ‘Softly as I leave you’ or ‘America’. I think it would have fit better then ‘Let me be there’. It is a shame that Elvis never put his vocal to ‘Fire down below’; that song really rocks! You can hear it with vocals by Terry Mike Jeffrey on Youtube. TCB
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2014report abuse
Lex, obviously your review led to some very interisting responses and discussion. So that's a good thing. And . . . as already stated before your last sentence should also be included! A review PLUS its reactions give one a good idea of the product. So it served the purpose quite well. Thanks
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2014report abuse
Johnny1234... so I only have to write reviews about things I want to sell, so it should be positive? No, thank you! I give my opinion, that is what a review should be about. I don't mind if you do not agree. I am surprised you are not accusing me of being no fan at all ;)
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 18, 2014report abuse
I don't think there was any more reason to include the studio version of "My Way" on the original LP than any of the other unreleased songs RCA then had sitting in their archives, such as "For The Good Times". "My Way" had been sitting on a shelf for six years when RCA came to compile the "Moody Blue" LP and was itself an unfinished master, hence the very sparse arrangement. A live version had been released on "Aloha From Hawaii", so there was probably no real reason to consider the studio version. I can't see how by not including it RCA can be accused of going for a fast buck, using it or not using it would have made no financial difference to them. The live version does, however, fit into the time frame of this LP hence it's inclusion in the FTD version, it being recorded during the run of shows that produced the three live tracks. As for a "My Way" versus "Let Me Be There" decision, the LP was already quite sombre in mood so I feel an upbeat song was a good choice after "He'll Have To Go".
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 18, 2014report abuse
This was an album I never purchased but heard thru my brothers copy back in the 1970's and thought it was pretty decent. In the interim years I have purchased this "puppy" on CD and until I purchased this FTD issue I could love it or leave it. My favorite songs being "It's Easy For You" and "She Thinks I Still Care". In a nutshell, this FTD Double CD Set is worth every cent. The sound is absolutely awesome and the outtakes (some in particular) are better than the originals issued. This album got a lot of negative publicity thru the years and yes, it was a "hodge podge" compilation; having to beg, borrow or steal to fill up the 4 tracks necessary (aka 3 live recordings and one redundant one from the Memphis concert originally issued by RCA back in 1974) to make up the 10 required tracks for an album. The thing that always astounded me was with the recording "My Way" (the studio version), why wasn't this song included rather than a live track for starters? We'll never know will we. Seems the powers that be back then cared only for the fast buck and royalty commissions. A shame, but a good album never the less. Buy it!
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2014report abuse
I don't find the Moody Blue FTD bad at all. And the mood in the Jungle Room is also not bad at all. I found the spirit surprisingly good mooded! As a whole I have never slated the FEPB or the Moody Blue albums "bad" since I first heard them. Moody maybe, but never bad. With all bad rap over these sessions over the years, I still find it most satisfying sitting through the outtakes of both albums. I've made my own playlists with each song in order of takes, and enjoy sitting through listening to all the takes available on them. I happen to like Elvis since the SUN days and all the way through. I call myself an Elvis fan, so it's easy!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2014report abuse
Benny, you are so right. L&L ar doing a FANtastic job and need all praise for their efforts.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2014report abuse
Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know this site is ran by 2 (TWO !!! ) people only ! Natha is right, it ain't that easy. Johnny, with all due respect, but reading the 'conclusion' of the review, it states clearly that the reviewer finds this release rather OK, in spite of the fact he has a preference for other periods of Elvis' musical career. Nothing personal, let this be clear. Best regards. Always El.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2014report abuse
Indeed, Johnny. I have to admit that lately I only read the reactions. It is nice that there is a mentioning of a release and oviously the editors have no other contributor for reviews. Mind you , it is not that easy too.
Johnny2523 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2014report abuse
and also, what i notice lately.. is that the reviews hardly tell anything..
And i dont mean to be negative.. but in a review you should sell it to the customers.. unless its really bad (Then you gotta make aware that its bad..) More details should have been included.
Johnny2523 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2014report abuse
What i'm wondering is.. why write a review for a website about sessions that arent ''Your piece of cake''..
This should have been done by someone who has a clear view.. who dont mind the '76 sessions or any other for that matter.. just someone with a general mind (i dont mean someone who loves these sessions.. but i mean someone who has a general view of this)..
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
Woody1 - what a great find to discover you on this site as well. It's amazing to think we both shared in that incredible night oh so long ago - especially considering the age we both
were not to mention the distance you travelled. . I vividly recall the look on Elvis' face as he looked down into the darkness below after I tossed the dog up to him. I recorded the show on a small tape recorder, and listened to the recording not too long ago. It was funny to hear my Wayne Newton on helium sounding voice tell my mother that I threw my dog up to Elvis, but didn't get a scarf. I have several photo's from the moment from various photographers (several well-known in the Elvis world). However, my favorite is the Bob Heis photo that shows my hand holding the dog all all these adoring females reach over my head ( I may have been 5' 6" at the time) towards Elvis.
I agree about "Unchained Melody." I was too young to know the song, and it was long before the movie "Ghost," but I recall the performance of that song filling the coliseum like the voice of God.
It's great to have chatted with you as well. I thank the moderator of this site for allowing us to connect and share - not to mention meeting my long lost Cincy brother Deano. It's been great!
woody1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
I would just like to say that being somebody that has hardly ever posted, what a pleasure it’s been to be involved on this occasion.
Orion I have checked out your antics with the stuffed dog on the DVD which I can clearly see, all I can say is that it must be a nice to know that you got some sort of reaction from Elvis himself as not too many of us can claim that.
I think Tony C makes a very valid point with regard to songs (by any artist) transporting you back to the time when they were hits/popular, it works for me anyway.
Moody Blue may or may not be the best album that Elvis ever produced but for me it’ll always be synonymous with that trip of a life time back in 1977 and especially Unchained Melody which is a song that I didn’t know until Elvis said that he was going to sit at the piano and sing it, and when he came to the powerful “are you still MINE” that wonderful rich voice just filled the whole arena and I can remember people in the audience, me included just looking at each other in absolute astonishment and I heard somebody close involuntary just say “my god”. So even if it’s not his best album, there are some real gems on it to enjoy if you listen close enough.
It’s been lovely chatting with you.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
Benny: One of Elvis' finest performances says it all: "At the end of the storm there is a Golden Sky and the sweet, silver song of a lark...."
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
A fantastic unexpected outcome of this FTD is the blooming Friend/Fanship between fans based on Cincinnatti Show! Whenever I listen to this FTD release I will reflect on this fact too.
Benny, sorry to read about your hardship at the moment. My (and I trust many others) supportive thoughts go your way!
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
Hi Lefty and other friends : sincere thanks for the kind words ! Going through some difficult times right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.Wish all of you a great (Elvis)-2014 ! As for this FTD release, very happy I could add it to my collection. Hope FTD has still some stuff in the can, but one has to be realistic. Hope the first words of the song 'My Way' e.i. "And now the end is near...." are still far away concerning the label. Always El.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2014report abuse
Benny -- Great to see you on the site! All the best to you in 2014!! Your Friend, Lefty.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2014report abuse
Paging Dr. Cisco - any chance you might know if the soundboard for Cincinnati exists ? I know it's a longshot, but then again BoxCar unearthed the night before Cincinnati's show (Madison, Wisc) for the "Final Curtain" set. While I'm on the subject of Elvis' final tour, anyone besides me think that the final FTD will be the soundboard to Indianapolis. Another longshot - yes, but a fitting end to FTDs legacy.
Deano - do you have the import of Elvis' March of '76 show show ? That was the first show of Elvis' that I saw. I didn't attend the 2:30 show (where he famously ripped his pants and told the Enquirer cartonist he was a SOB for drawing Elvis with a pot belly), but saw the 8:00 performance. The evening show is very solid with some great performances. Other than the air conditioing incident, which Elvis lied about - he explained his lateness on stage as a 'trip to the dentist.' - Elvis always did the audiences in Cincinnati right.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2014report abuse
Benny, I agree, don't say away so long! Natha, thank you for the kind words. Orion, we do seem like brothers! I had no idea you were from the Cincy area until this thread. It was Schottelkotte's news that showed Elvis walking down the street after his hotel did not have air conditioning. I too have "Since Cincinnati" and I wish that somehow, someway a soundboard would surface and one for the Nov 71 show at the Cincinnati Gardens and the July 73 show at the same arena. My Mom and Dad went to both of those shows. I remember that July day from '73 like it was yesterday. I was only 3 (almost 4) and I was so mad at my Mom because she was going to see Elvis. I had just watched him a month or two earlier in the "Aloha" show and I was mesmerized by him. I remember being mean to my Grandma that night who was watching my sisters and I and still being mad at my Mom when she got back home. She had been given two tickets by a cousin of mine and she couldn't get anymore, still that did not matter to a three year old who had just bought his first Elvis 45, "Steamroller Blues".
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2014report abuse
Benny - where've you been ? I've missed your posts !!! Don't stay away so long this time !
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2014report abuse
Gorse, Orion, Tony,Deano1,Natha,Rob, woody1,Lefty,claunath82...( and many others !) With much interest I read all of your postings on this topic and the only thing I can say is : "great, great great" ( is also the title of one of Pat Boone's albums :-) ). Marvelous bunch of true Elvis fans. Wish I could meet you guys in person !
Never had the chance to see Our Man live in concert, but I'm really glad for those amongst you who were that lucky !
The exchange of memories between Orion and Deano1 is simply beautiful and I fully can understand their enthusiasm.
Enjoy and savour those precious souvenirs friends! As far as I'm concerned : I'm more than happy with The King's musical legacy and thankfull for the fact I was a teenager when R 'n' R was born, having the chance to experience it from the very beginning. Hail Hail R 'n' R and it's one and only King ! Take care guys. Always El.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2014report abuse
Now, that's what I like about this site. Fans communicating about their experiences. So Deano. you're not boring at all!
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Deano - I feel like I've found my brother from another mother. You are spot on in your recollections of Cincinnati history. I remember Bob Braun well. An old friend of mine was in a group called the Van-Dells that used to appear on his show (and at the Beverly Hills Supper Club) quite a bit. If I'm not mistaken, it was on The Al Schottelkotte news that they actually had footage of Elvis as he walked downtown in Cincy trying to find a room with air conditioning that worked.
I still hold out a faint hope that there is a soundboard of this show. I have the bootleg of "Since Cincinnati" and my own tape recording from that night, but hope that FTD will release it one day.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Orion, that is really cool about seeing Nick Clooney, he was the anchor who took over the ratings lead from the legendary Al Schottelkotte who actually appeared in the shows "Gilligan's Island" and "Gunsmoke" Back in the day, Cincy was much more of an entertainment mecca (thanks in large part to Newport, KY and the night clubs there - Little Vegas). Nick also tried a variety show to rival local legend Bob Braun who had a national top 40 hit in the 1960's. (sorry to bore everyone else)...I was only eight when Elvis died and I really felt like I had lost a dear loved one when my Mom told me that fateful afternoon. Since I had been three I had been listening to Elvis via a fairly beat up version of "Gold Records Vol 3" and my Mom's old 45's. She started colleting as her and Dad got more money (74 or so) and then my collection started for earnest right after his death...I am listening to this CD right now and I have to say I like the undubbed version of "Unchained Melody" better than the dubbed version. He seems a little winded, but the feeling of the song comes across better. "Little Darlin" is better too as it sounds fresher and I always loved Elvis just having fun with this crazy oldie. I love the crowds reaction to this version of "My Way" and it is much better than the horrible "fake" enthusiasm on "Let Me Be There".
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Deano - Being from Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati, you'll appreciate this. I was too young to drive to the concert, so I had to attend with my mother. She was a casual fan who financially supported my collection in its infancy. Anyway, as we we walking past all those chairs on the floor, heading towards the third row, my mother excitedly grabbed my arm. She asked me to look and see if I agreed who was down from her in row 4. It was Nick Clooney - for those on the forum worldwide that's George Clooney's father who was a local celebrity in the Cincinnati area.
OK back to Moody Blue. I agree with you that as a younger (ahem) fan I can appreciate the entirity of his career. However, the first music I purchased by him was "Burning Love" when I was 10. This made it hard for me to initially connect the sound on this to record to my first few yard sale finds like "Too Much." Visually I also accepted the longer haired and sideburned look of Elvis on the "That's The Way It Is" album more than I did with the greased look on "Loving You."
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Orion, I can't tell if it was used to promote the live LP in '74 or like we were thinking to see if there was interest in a wide release single. Since there wasn't a 2nd single release from the Blvd LP (and I think "Love Coming Down" backed with "Bitter They Are.." would have been a nice single), the fall of '76 would have made sense for this release. The live Memphis LP is mentioned on the LMBT 45 label...IMO those who had followed Elvis all along and seen him mature (like my Mom) loved the "Moody Blue" LP. She received this LP as a birthday present from my Dad in July of 1977. She had grown up on Elvis and loved the young rocker from the 50's, but seemed to prefer the "That's The Way It Is" and "Aloha" Elvis (she played those two LP's a lot!) Orion, those of us who are "younger" fans (don't get to say that very often - lol) do seem to overall be more appreciative of his entire career, but that isn't meant to demean those fans who prefer 50's Elvis.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
This has been one of my favorite threads in quite some time - perhaps since it's all about a time that doesn't seem so long ago - then again it seems like a lifetime. I know that's cliche, but it's true. I enjoyed your post Tony. I'm sure the Tim Rice song did make for an exciting opportunity, however; it's wasn't until the FTD release of the Jungle Room recordings did I find this song enjoyable. Why it was mixed so bad on the original release, I'll never know. This release mangaes to fix that error. I liken the song to "Separate Ways" and "Always On My Mind," and thereby find it an insight in the man himself. It's become one of my favorites in that vein.
I do agree that it had to be a hard listen for those who grew up with "Elvis Is Back" etc., but for those of us who are younger, we can easily see the path from "This Is Our dance" to Pieces of My Life" to "It's Easy For You" or "Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall." Even "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" to "Moody Blue" is a logical progression in my mind. Perhaps that (and the other reasons I've already discussed) is why this album is one I really enjoy. What makes it even better are the fresh mixes by Vic and Jean Marc.
Deano - do you think the '45 is stamped 1974 because of the copyright of the performance ? I seem to recall all of the hoopla concerning this release being in late '76 or early '77 thereby making the songs appearance on the album logical.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
I think people's opinion of the "Moody Blue" LP depend on when they first heard it. If only heard for the first time in recent years, it probably does not stack up well against the likes of "Elvis Is Back" or "From Elvis in Memphis", but to those of us that heard it in the context of it being Elvis' latest LP, our memories are very different. At the time, none of us knew it would be Elvis' last LP. I live in England, so my memories do not involve seeing Elvis in concert, but those last two shows were important to us because we knew that a lot of fans from Europe would be attending. We were kept informed through the pages of "Elvis Monthly" and also knew that a TV special would be filmed during this tour. As for the LP itself, I saw copies of it in a record shop late on the Saturday after it had been released, but did not have the money to buy it. I returned at opening time on the Monday to buy a copy, having spent a frustrated weekend waiting to hear it. When I took the record out of it's sleeve, I was initially disappointed to see black vinyl, after reading that copies in America were on blue vinyl. The disappointment quickly ended when I played the LP. The combination of live and studio tracks did not seem strange, I did not even give it a second thought. I enjoyed the content of the LP very much, it was always a thrill hearing new material from Elvis. The second side was not so exciting as I already had the "Moody Blue" and "Way Down" singles, but "It's Easy For You" was intriguing, especially knowing who the composers were. I played the LP a great deal over the rest of that year, a year which would change completely in August. The promise of more records and tours ended on that one day.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
I found a copy of the single "Let Me Be There" on a popular bid and win site. It had the Memphis version in stereo on one side and mono on the other. It was released in 1974 and stamped "not for sale" as it was sent to radio stations.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
I'm so glad that Deano remembers the push for "Let Me Be There" to be released as a single. In remembering that, we're starting to show our age. lol
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Deano - I can't imagine coming that close to tickets and not being able to get them. I applaud your father for being that good to his family that he tried to get you all tickets. As for me, I was a lucky enough to have a childhood friend who was a little older than me and who was able to camp-out in front of the coliseum ticket window. When he got there, he only found one person in front of him. He did this after we had 'nose-bleed' seats for Elvis' show the previous March.
Rob - you are correct as far as memories. I can close my eyes and still picture his black hair, jumpsuit sparkling, and his eyes and smile and I ended up in front of him as he bent down on stage. The moment was captured in a famous shot by Bob Heis that ended up in the booklet for the Silver Anniversary boxed set albeit mislabeled as being shot in Indianapolis. At one time, there was also a photo in Graceland next to the Sundial jumpsuit. That was back in the early 80's and I haven't been back to Graceland since then. I'm not sure how the jupsuit is displayed today.
I must say it's very cool to have the Final Curtain set from BoxCar. On the DVD footage of Cincinnati, you can clearly see my brown & white stuffed dog each time a camera flashes while Elvis is bent down at the front of the stage. It also contains the part where I tossed it up to him. Sadly, he didn't catch it or toss me a scarf in return. I now realized that it probably startled him since the spotlights were blinding him to what was being tossed from the floor.
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
What a great read the comments have been here. Woody and Orion tremendous, and the other 'normal' sensible guys contributions - many thanks. But where is the doyen of them all 'Benny'.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Just like the FTD From Elvis Pesley Boulebard also this one will be skipped by me as I already have many of these outtakes on the Welcome to the Jungel-series...
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
here is another jealous person :-) Woody and Orion; I bet that memory is one of the most beautiful memory you guys will cherish. I mean, I have seen Elvis the Concert about 5 times and enjoyed every minute of it, but it cannot beat the real thing at all ofcourse :-)
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Woody1, I agree with you about America The Beautiful, as this is a collectors cd. If they had put both only half other would complain too. So now at least they put them together. One should understand and respect their choice. I have not heard it yet, but I think it was the right idea.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Woody and Orion, I am so jealous, but have really enjoyed your posts on this topic. My Dad was trying to get tickets for the family to the June 25th show in Cincinnati. He got up early and before work went to Sears where the ticketmaster was located. He was about a dozen people from the window when the sign went up "sold out". I never got to see Elvis live and of course this was his penultimate concert. I have been in the Riverfront Coliseum (now US Bank Arena) several times since that day as I still live in the Cincinnati area and every time I am there I picture what it must have been like that night....The LP was anything but a mess and I always thought of it as a follow-up to "That's The Way It Is" with some live tracks and studio recordings combined to make a very nice album. Orion, you are right concerning "Let Me Be There" as their were promo singles with both sides containing the song being shipped to radio stations. I don't mind in the least it was on there as I did not have the live Memphis LP when I first heard this LP. Since only around 300,000 copies of that LP were sold in 1974, I am sure a lot of fans didn't have it. Side B of the LP is still IMO one of the best LP sides of Elvis' career and would have been better if the faster version of "She Thinks I Still Care" had been included instead of the traditional one. My fiancé bought me this FTD for Christmas and I am very glad to have it my collection.
woody1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 13, 2014report abuse
Natha I know what you mean with regard to "He'll Have to Go" in 1977 I wondered why he'd bothered to record it and not left in the Jim Reeves catalogue, I wasn't that taken with "She Thinks I Still Care" either but upon revisiting these songs through this release I do find that they somehow have more of a feel and meaning to them.
I may be alone in this but I understand the edit in "America" on this release, as if you only have the end of the song as a studio recording you can either just put that out as has been done previously or make a song of it by joining it up the two parts that you have together ie the live part and studio ending and it would be a shame to miss that studio ending.
Just want to say thanks circleG your comments, and Orion thanks for the reply I'm sure I must have been 5 rows behind you as I recall in row 8 and I still have the ticket stubs and hat ! I do remember entering the large arena at the rear and walking to towards the stage asking the staff there if they could direct us to our seats and I couldn't believe that every time we asked (probably about four times in total) they just kept pointing towards the stage until we arrived at row 8 wow great memories ! I'll go now and see if I can see you on the Final Curtain DVD.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
Orion and Woody1, thanks for your comments. I bought the LP back then (unlike you I never had the pleasure to see the King alive) and your comments are giving me the incentive to buy this one too. Luckily I read the review after your reactions as (to my impression) from the review itself a depressive mood leaked out.
The only song (and altogether there are just a handful of Elvis songs) I never liked is He'll Have to Go. But in modern times it is easy to skip what one does not like.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
This is the definitive Moody Blue. I really like the conceptualized Alternate Album because it gives the listener an understanding of what the music sounded like without the wizardry and polishing of mixing and mastering. Disc 2 teeters on boredom due to the repetitiveness of the tracks, but suffice it to say that you can plainly hear that Elvis was in excellent voice in 1976. There's a depth of emotion and heartfelt conviction in the way he sings these songs. For the listener, this set (and the rest of the tunes from the Jungle Room Sessions) is like reading his diary. I think this is what makes this album quite endearing to the Elvis fan. I wish that more than 10 tracks were in the "previously unreleased" category, but there probably is not much else in the can at this point. The first time I listed to Moody Blue (way back in 1976), I remember thinking that Elvis was singing what he was feeling, and not necessarily trying to produce a hit. All these years later, I feel the same way. I just love this album.
claunath82 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
Superb packaging and booklet (with an alternative cover of the original cover) and the test coverage inside the booklet, photos of elvis February 76 at Graceland are very interresting because we do not have photos of him recording in the jungle room. instead of a picture of elvis and charlie to inside the digipack I would have liked the photo of the truck rca behind Graceland. The sound is very good except for 2 songs vegas 75 (but they are from a Sounboard), I do not understand why the instrumental fire down below is not listed here! false starts are boring, only complete alternate takes please. Perhaps the single version of unchained (in the EAP boxset) would have had a place here. For all I do not regret my purchase, although the content and the original album is known and FTD team can not change history! 4/5
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
Woody - No, I was not part of the UK fan club that made the trip. I live, and grew-up, outside the Cincinnati area. After college, I settled back less than 20 miles from where I grew-up . Anyway, I remember seeing all of the fan club members in the Styrofoam hats that the Col. had purchased for you. It made the atmosphere so much more exciting. I learned that shows were going to be filmed for a TV special in a Sean Shaver newsletter prior to the show. Then, when I arrived I saw all of the UK fans and the 'big' shoulder-mounted video cameras filming outside the Coliseum. I was sure this show was going to be filmed for the special. Alas, as we know it wasn't. I had 3rd row seats, and managed to toss a brown and white stuffed dog up to Elvis during the show. There is video of this and when I tried to hand it to Elvis in the BoxCar's "Final Farewell" DVD containing footage from Cincinnati. As far as the album, I am sure though we bought it at the same mall - there weren't many around the area 37 yrs. ago. lol Hope they don't delete this for being 'off-topic'..... lol
Back to the CD, I have already played it about 6 times since Christmas - not to mention listening to it on my iPod. "Way Down" is a listen while exercising - albeit a short song. I know this is a minor issue, but I wonder why Jean Marc or Vic didn't kill Elvis' vocal mistake where he 'almost' comes in too early on the mater take.
Rob - I recall that "Let Me Be There" was seriously being pushed for as a single back then. It seems as if even a promo copy or two was even pressed. I wish that some paperwork or something about this would've been in the files that Ernst and his layout crew went through to show this. It could have been part of the booklet, and it would've answered the question of 'why' after all these years.
CircleG - thanks for the kind words.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
Woody an Orion, its people like you that first interested me in this site, cheers!
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
a cd I was longing for and I am not dissapointed. I have always wondered why they put "Let me be there" on this album. I like the song but it doesn't fit here. Specially because they had a very nice version of "My way", here put on the alternative album. That should have been on the original album as it was a "new" recording. The only reason i can imagine is because there is the other O.N. John song on the album. Anyway, great songs and great soundquality and an absolute topsong in "It's easy for you". It has always been one of my favourite Elvis-songs since I heared it on Jungleroom, without indeed Elvis sounding like singing through a telephone. So a great cd in my opinion!
woody1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2014report abuse
I agree completely with you Orion, I received this at Christmas and have really enjoyed the package, I too bought a copy of the album following the Cincinnati concert from a mall can't remember too much about it as the years are sadly fading my memory, but I think there were a few of us who had traveled with the fan club from the UK to see the two shows managed to make the shopping trip the following morning, the sun was shining and it was a perfect morning following my first Elvis concert ever having looked forward to it for years and years. I do remember thinking that his voice was out of this world but that his stage show had slowed down a lot since Elvis On Tour, little did I realize what was to follow only a few months later. I also remember somebody on our coach on the way back from the Cincinnati concert playing a tape recording of Unchained Melody and thinking what a fantastic and daring thing to have done. I'm just wondering if you were on that same trip from the UK Orion ? For me both the this and the American album brought a very nice end to 2013
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 11, 2014report abuse
I was in a different mindset than Lex. I was looking forward to this release for many reasons. Here's a few: I bought the album on a Sunday after seeing him in Cincinnati the night before. I was blown away by his performance of "Unchained Melody" at that show and couldn't wait to have it on vinyl. For another "Moody Blue" was quickly becoming a favorite of mine (at that time), and had heard the rumors of a great 'rocker' called "Way Down" which I had only heard the last part of on the radio BEFORE buying the LP. Anyway, fast forward nearly 40 years, and I'm digging this release all over again. I must admit that it does ruin it for me now that I know it's Sherril Neilson providing the notes on the ending of "Unchained Melody." That being said, I'm glad to finally have "It's Easy For You" re-mixed so that it doesn't sound like they forgot to turn on Elvis' microphone in the studio. Actually,. the entirety of the original album is mixed really well. As far as the outtakes, they are a great listen due to some superb mastering by Jean Marc. I have always enjoyed his touch in the studio, and this one is no exception. If all folks are complaining about are the spliced ending of this or whether this belongs or that belongs, I say IGNORE that and get this one. You won't be disappointed.

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