Merry Christmas Baby

Dec 15, 2004
Merry Christmas Baby
No this is not our Seasnon's Greeting to you but a short review of a short, yet special, CD. Design The CD comes in a cardboard slipcase with Elvis and a collection of babies on the front. We wonder if any of these babies remembers this. On the back we read the purpose of this CD, season’s greetings from Lisa Marie, Priscilla and everyone else at Elvis Presley Enterprises. Content Besides the season’s greetings this CD contains one track, “Merry Christmas Baby”. One of the best Christmas and Elvis songs in general ever. The song is so strong, you can play it on a hot August day and still enjoy it. Conclusion Again a nice, and highly collectable, Christmas card from EPE with season’s greetings and a “thank you” to all the fan club presidents for the efforts they made this year. Let’s hope these presidents appreciate this nice gesture and don’t have this CD listed on eBay before Christmas. And to Priscilla, Lisa marie and the people at EPE we say: "Merry Christmas and we wish you a wonderful new year!"
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