Memphis Sessions

By Dan SicilianoNov 11, 2001
Memphis Sessions
Well, it took long enough to get here, but finally I got my copy just a day or two ago. I have always had both fascination and hesitation for the Memphis Sessions. Ever since I can remember, listening to the "From Elvis in Memphis" album, Elvis always sounded so different when singing these songs. Maybe he was just growing up or was his voice just changing, sounding more "raspy and rough", and the songs were unlike anything I've ever heard him sing before. They weren't about hound dogs or postmen, they did not have a swinging sixties style about them, no not these songs, they were much more serious.....Elvis had come of age and so did I. The "Memphis Sessions", another fine release from the FTD label brings us back to a time when The king was changing the direction of his Recordings, creating some of the best "style" of his career. Most of the songs in this release are filled with both wonder and excitement. Elvis is really trying to "get the right feel down" and once again we are transported back in time to the studio as a "fly on the wall" if you may, listening to this man create history. Some songs reflect a more tranquil time, like "The Grass Won't Pay No Mind", and some reflect the harsh realities of life "In the ghetto". Either way, Elvis brings these changing moods to life like only he can do. Many songs are hear in alternate takes for the first time, like "long black limousine" and "Hey Jude" plus many others. Of interest is the first few minutes of "suspicious minds", we really hear Elvis and the band fitting the song together during rehearsal. These songs from this recording session are some of Elvis' best work and his dedication and seriousness is very evident in the disc. Elvis jokes around a little, but one can feel the tone of these sessions from the start. Some of the vocals are a tad hissy or muffled, but all in all the sound quality is very good... Once again we have that great master, Ernst Jorgenson to thank for all of this. The work in progress, the grouping together of "sessions" and not just random out-takes, the putting into perspective Presley's career and times in the fitting way a true "king" should be remembered, for really whatever Elvis did on his days off are not important, it's what he did when he went to work that counts, what he gave his loyal subjects and the hard work he put into it that really counts! From a true fan, one who cares, all i can say is that if you ever read this review Ernst, I think i speak for all true Elvis fans when i say...THANK YOU!
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2012wiseman (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 28, 2012report abuse
When will we be able --at last-- to get a Sony (Legacy) or FTD release that contains the "complete rec. sessions" at American Studios...i.e. the complete albums From E in Memphis + Back in Memphis + all outtakes & different versions already released before on FTD 5" CDs ??? Jan + Feb sessions together for our collection. That way we won't have to buy anymore the Back in Memphis new FTD coming out and (most) probably the forthcoming new 2013 FTD release of the album From E in Memphis + outtakes + hits songs released on different budget albums. Does anyone know about Ernst's plans for 2013 ?

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