Memphis, Elvis-Style By Cindy Hazen And Mike Freeman

May 1, 2001
Memphis, Elvis-Style By Cindy Hazen And Mike Freeman
Since we got many request about older items we decided to add some essentials from the past to our review section. Now it's time for what might be an essential book.  What to do when visiting Memphis for the first time? Of course you can contact more experienced fans with the question if there is something more to do than visiting Graceland and surroundings and the Suns-studios. Of course every fan can come up with those two places, but Elvis lived almost 30 years in this city, so there's a great chance there are more important things to see. Things not only important to his career directly, but especially places that influenced him, that "forced" him to grow up the way he did, developing that special style he had. Unless you are in the great circumstances that you know a very experienced Memphis-visitor, who really knows a lot about Elvis, there's only one real solution: Memphis Elvis-Style. The book gives a very detailed overview of possible every spot in Memphis where Elvis once placed his feet. Indeed, probably every spot, so many trivial ones are included too. A lot of them may not be of real interest to many people, but the way it is all written down makes it still an interesting read. A lot of detailed background information with clear instructions how to get there gives the reader the impression he or she doesn't need to visit Memphis anymore. Seriously, we think that the book is a great help in planning your route through Memphis. Next to the guide function it is a good and interesting read, so even if you don't have plans to visit Elvis' hometown it still fits in your Elvis-book collection. The book includes clear maps of Memphis and also a lot of photographs. The pictures are not only of the buildings, a lot of them gives you a chance to view buildings that are teared down by now, but also of Elvis himself, among them quite some rare pictures. Going back to the intro of this review, we can only conclude that this book is an essential one (when you're going to Memphis).

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