Live In Memphis

Jan 13, 2005
Being familiar to the Belgian “Classic Elvis shows” and Terry Mike Jeffrey’s performances, we were anxious to see and hear Jeffrey together with the Memphis Symphonic Orchestra on January 7th. The overture by the orchestra was marvelous. A string of Elvis hits passed by in an impressive way. Unfortunately it turned out to be one of few highlights that evening. Somehow the orchestra and Terry Mike’s band didn’t blend together and Jeffrey drowned in the sound made by the orchestra. Therefore his solo rendition of “They Remind Me Too Much Of You”, which was really beautiful, became one of the best things this evening. Only after Terry Mike Jeffrey got help from Gordon Stoker and Ray Walker, a nice surprise, we got some vocal treats with orchestra. How different was the night of January 8 on Bealestreet. In the New Daisy Theatre Elvis Unlimited organized a show by the “American Sound Studio Band”. This band, of which we knew they recorded with Elvis some of his best material, impressed us already during the rehearsals. The sound was full and complete, as if time had stood still. The things we heard during those rehearsals made us warn friends in the audience they wouldn’t be ready for what would come. Just a couple of minutes after 8 P.M. Sam Thompson, Linda’s brother. Came on stage and held a short introduction before Henrik Knudsen, Elvis Unlimited’s handyman, called the bandmembers on stage. Three singers brought from Europe would take care of the vocals. It looked like some people had second thoughts about that setup “Why not just one?”, they seemed to think. It turned out to be a massive move, since all three of them could take care of business and the didn’t distract the attention from the main attraction, the band. Helped by two fantastic (female) background singers they gave the music what it needed: powerful vocals. Bobo Moreno (Denmark) got the band really movin’ with “I’m Movin’ On” and “Power Of My Love” brought him and the female support a standing ovation. Maarten Jansen (The Netherlands) got the people crazy with “Rubberneckin’” and “This Is The Story”. Stephen Ackles (Norway) got the hands together with “Without Love”. The songs mentioned above were just a few of many highlights, we almost have to say the show was one big highlight, or as a lady in the audience – known for her normally critical view – said “it was awesome, no, it was f*cking awesome”. The crowd kept asking for more, but unfortunately it ended with a groundshaking rendition of “Suspicious Minds”, where all three singers took part and even Henrik Knudsen joined the background singers. Henrik promised he’ll take the show back in August. Lucky fans (in Europe) will be able to see the show in Scandinavia early April. We really urge you to go there if you can, since it is the best thing we have ever seen and heard, of course helped by the strong material. Even the TCB band events we attended over the years, including Elvis The Concert, could not come close. We have only one request for Elvis Unlimited: please bring us Angel too in April!
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