Let's Take It On Home Again Volume 2

May 17, 2002
Let's Take It On Home Again Volume 2
This "Talking Only" CD was released by the Dutch It's Elvis Time fan club and is the follow up of a previous release by the Dutch Elvis 4 Everyone fan club. We're wondering which fan club will release volume three. Design The set itself is a digi-pack with a picture disc. On the front a great fifties shot of Elvis back stage at a show. Inside and on the disc are images from "That's The Way It Is". At the bottom we find small images from the "Aloha From Hawaii" show, but these don't match the content since we don't get anything from 1973, the same goes for the "That's The Way Is Is Images". The track listing can been seen through a clear digi- pack, but the dents in it make it unclear to read the tracks. Content This release is a talking only release. The producers did a good job on the audio itself, it sound good for these kind of recordings. We get various kinds of "Elvis audio" ranging form interviews, commercials (for RCA’s Elvis Presley Autograph Model Record Players -“Hurry while this great offer lasts, friends” - and movie dialogues. All recorded between 1956 until 1975. Beside Elvis we get, The Beatles talking about Elvis in 1965 on August 28, 1965 - only one day after that famous meeting, an interview with several people from the "Charro" movie and a comedy sketch from 1989. If you listen closely, you can hear Elvis sing "Heartbreak Hotel" live in Lakeland, Florida on August 6, 1956, while Colonel Parker is being interviewed by Paul Wilder for T.V. Guide. This is an interesting recording since you don't hear the Colonel too often in interviews. You have to listen closely the Colonel sound far away. Guess it's a long way from Canada to Lakeland. Most items have been released before, but we didn't hear Elvis talking about filming "Blue Hawaii before". It's nice to hear Elvis paying tribute to his friend and childhood hero J.D. Sumner from an 1975 soundboard recording. But this should be part of the "having Fun On Stage" series. In our opinion, the comedy radio sketch could have been left off, we'd rather listen to the man himself than some comedians joking around about Elvis and toilets. Conclusion This release is another one for the archive, we prefer Elvis' singing in stead of talking. For the collectors there are some interesting items on this release, but those aren't Elvis, it are The Beatles talking about Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker who snow jobs a D.J. trying to get in touch with Elvis. This reminds us of some stories by The Colonels nephew Ed Bonja who told how the Colonel played these tricks and now we can hear it. Sound quality: 7/ Cover art: 5
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