Legendary Elvis Presley (Australian version)

Oct 2, 2000
Legendary Elvis Presley (Australian version)
This CD-set was delivered by kangaroo last week and therefore we have the chance to review it for you now, thanks to Elvis Information Network. Design The design is not really spectacular. The frontcover is a common picture of Elvis, that was used on a German box-set a couple of years ago. Probably that's the reason that the German version of Legendary Elvis has a different cover. On the three CD's is the same picture from the NBC-special printed, only in different color-shades, which gives the impression that the picture itself differs. We don't particularly like it, it gives a feeling like "couldn't they manage to do it the same way three times", it looks a little sloppy. Also the printing of the cover isn't really of great quality, there are quite some flaws in the main colour that is used, a kind of ochre. The inlay-text is a common "Elvis is the greatest"-story (which of course is true). All in all the finishing touch of this product is missing. Content Of course that's what counts with a CD, and unexpectedly this set still didn't leave our CD-player. The writer (….) of the inlay said "it's a potpourri", and he is right. It is a very strange compilation, with no chronology at all, from well-known hits to hardly known album tracks. Of course there is nothing new under the sun for the hard-core fan, but there are some more or less "rare" CD-tracks. Several of them can only be found on a couple of CD's, like "Rags to Riches", "My Wish Came True" and "Raised on Rock". Probably the Aussies have something with this last song, since it was already an addition to the "Artist of the Century" set in Australia. This set is really "something for everybody" and is perfectly suited for people that love the wide range of Elvis' work, "perfect for parties", to use another title that RCA used in the past. It's a cheap way for starters to add a nice number songs to their collection, for others it will be just a part of the collection. The soundquality is fair, although it sounds a bit flat on some tracks, maybe because BMG didn't take the effort to remaster them recently, or the "latest" weren't used.


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