Jan 16, 2000
Last week we spent an one-liner on this site already. Because we didn't know exactly what to think about it, we used the header Taste(less), also because the other part of that paragraph was tasteless without any doubt. We were a little afraid that this site will be grist on the mill of the "Elvis Is Alive"-idiots. Because of the one-liner - and of course the header - the people behind this site contacted us, and they turned out to be really nice. "Without giving away any upcoming episode plots I can tell you this. If the real Elvis was to walk into a Karaoke Bar and loose the contest by doing one of his originals to a Impersonator. What would that say about what we've come to accept as a fan? Really how diluted and silly have people become when accepting what they believe Elvis was.", is what one of the makers told us. We whole-heartedly agree with this statement and have good hope this cartoon will wake up some people. When normal sense doesn't work, humour is the last hope. Obviously the real idiots can't be saved anymore, but for a lot of people there is still hope. We are not Don Quichottes who want to try to save the world, but the vision some people and websites are delivering is very bad for the image of the Elvis-fans in general and for Elvis himself specificly.
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