King Of The Hilton

By LexDec 19, 2014
King Of The Hilton

Anne E. Nixon collected her memories of the 40 or so Vegas shows she attended and wrote them all down in a book, together with Richard Harvey. Is it worth getting?


Obviously the choice has fallen on an affordable book and rightfully so, since there are plenty of glossy - unpayable - books, the content is what counts. Still the paragraphing and page layout makes the reading easy on the eye, except when the text is floating around a picture, then you have the feeling of watching a ping-pong game sometimes. All pictures are in black and white.


To me Anne’s recollections are something from my youth, a kind of sentimental journey. I remember reading them in the Monthly, which was available in bookstores, even in The Netherlands. Still I like her down to earth (in general) observation of the shows. It’s not a critical review in general, only in the case of the Sherill ‘Singing Saw’ Nielsen, on which I wholeheartedly agree. I am still jealous, nothing changed there. It seems the information is ‘upgraded’ with other information (from CDs), but it still has the feel of a firsthand report.


A nice recollection of memories that gave a real pleasant read, so to answer the question before: Yes, this book is certainly worth its money!


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Recommended reading!~

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