Keep On Rockin With The King

By Steve BraunSep 13, 1999
Steve Braun replied to our request for reader's input, thank you very much! Want to follow Steve? Write us! For me, it all started many,many years ago. I was a ten year old kid living in Dallas, Texas. About my only interest was playing any kind of ball I could. And of course, riding the wheels off my bike. I had no interest in music. Well, all that changed when my ears sent the sounds of "Heartbreak Hotel" to my ten year old brain. Man, I was hooked, and little did I know, that was for life. I couldn't wait till the next "escape" would come out. Always wanted to be one of the first to check out Elvis' new flicks. I was just "real gone" over this cat from Memphis. Wow, then 1968 and the Comeback Special. The opening facial shot of Elvis singing Trouble is amazing. Elvis was doing stuff we hadn't seen him do in such a long time. It was exciting to say they least. There has never been a more passionate song than If I Can Dream. What a great way to close a fantastic TV event. And to experience Elvis LIVE. Now, that was Elvis' greatest gift. I am so thankful I was able to catch the Elvis Presley Show during the 70's. So many great memories from those magical evenings. From the moment Elvis bounded on stage till that moment he left, the evening was One Giant Love Fest. Now, here we are. Elvis left the building over 22 years ago. And the power of the man is still working.New fans are being drawn into the fold everyday. "Elvis-The Concert" is touring the World and is packing them in. Show dates are selling out months before the concert arrives. I have seen this concert, and I urge everyone to see it. It is amazing and is the only was we can all experience what Elvis was all about. And, Elvis would have to be proud, he is still racking up gold and platinum awards. I have always said, once Elvis gets a hold of you, you're hooked. Elvis has never let me down in all these years. Elvis is the greatest entertainer of all time, and he has never failed to entertain me. And, that's the way it is. "KEEP ON ROCKIN WITH THE KING"
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