Jordan's Elvisworld

Sep 13, 1999
Jordan's Elvisworld
Jordan was the first webmaster who had the courage to volunteer for a review by the Elvis Telegraph. So we got on-line and paid him a visit. The first impression is overwhelming: when you enter Jordan’s Elvisworld you can see Jordan puts a lot of effort in his site, there are over twenty items in the menu. Design: The huge menu isn’t an ideal situation. Even though you are sure something is available, it’s still hard to find because of all the possibilities. When you made your choice you go to a new page with probably a new menu, this happens quite a few times so it gets hard to remember where you are in the site. All you can do is browse back. Some links open a new page with only one sentence on it (review European tour); this is not very informative for the visiting fan. We also noticed that Jordan uses a lot of different layouts throughout the site so you sometime get the idea you’ve left Jordan’s Elvisworld. Not that there’s something wrong with giving independent parts of a site another look, but in our opinion it’s used too often here. Another tiny minus is the capitalising Jordan uses in his text. It makes it hard to read sometimes, but that is really a little remark. Overall we have the idea that Jordan, probably over-enthusiast, starts a lot of different things, but never gets the time to finish it. All the (unclear) links make you lost in cyberspace pretty often. In other words, the design is a little messy. Rating: 6 out of 10 Content: Looking at the subjects the content is partially the same as the standard Elvis site, but Jordan did expand all items, so there’s more than on the average one. On his site you can find pictures, a lot of (real) audio, information on Elvis’ music and video’s. The information is mainly restricted to tracklistings with pictures. We’d like to see a review of the items to give the visitor some more information. Looking at the tenth tracklisting you already forgot the first one, while if there would be a review you’d probably remember the general conclusion. Again, also regarding contents, things aren’t finished. The incredible amount makes things hard to find. In our opinion a smaller specialised site is better than the mountain you may never climb. For the average fan the amount of stuff is impressing, maybe even too impressing, especially the real audio. While for the hard-core fans there’s not too much, except some of the pictures, because of the lack of information. The continuous disclaimers get annoying, but it is really funny to see Jordan even claim copyrights on illegal Elvisrecordings. The phrase "HOME OF THE ORIGINAL ELVIS AUDIO/VIDEO LIBRARY!!! MANY MAY IMITATE THIS SITE- I PROMISE YOU WILL GET THE HIGHEST QUALITY HERE NOT A CHEAP IMMITATION!!!" is not only reflecting Jordan’s age (we guess), but also not very respectful to the ones that had sites like his long before Jordan logged in on the Internet for the first time. Okay, Jordan has probably the most time to spend on his site, and overrules all other sites regarding amount, but he certainly wasn’t the original and the others aren’t imitations. A little more respect and modesty should be in place! Rating: 8 out of 10 Advice Minor points are the amount of different layouts and the not too user-friendly navigation on this site. We’d like to advice Jordan to really think about a navigation structure for his site to help the visitor find all the great (but now partially hidden) stuff on the site. When he’d also make his look more coherent, his site could really get better than it is already and even belong to the best around. There are some special items in Jordan’s site, rare pictures of Graceland and the activities of EPE. You can also find some rare audio and even full concerts, which make this site well worth a visit. Also the regularly updates on this site are a big plus. We'd like to congratulate Jordan with his award: When you're a webmaster and have the guts to volunteer for a review, let us know. Otherwise you still have the risk we'll pick you by ourselves.

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