Jailhouse Rock – FTD Vinyl

By ElvisNews.com/ LexMay 15, 2010
Jailhouse Rock – FTD Vinyl

Several months after the CD release, FTD released a special vinyl edition of Jailhouse Rock.

I still get excited when I receive a new vinyl product. It gives you something to handle, I can read the text without reading glasses. This time FTD really delivered something beautiful. Where Kees rightfully bashed FTD for the sloppy artwork of the CD version I can’t comment them in this case. The printing is way, way better than the quality of the CD version.

The inside of the cover gives the storyboard of the movie, next to a large picture of the dancing scene, the other half is filled with a publicity shot in full color.

The sleeve of the first LP has a publicity shot of Elvis with Judy Tyler, while the back is filled with first screenings, recording information, highest chart positions and behind the camera information.

The second sleeve has a full color publicity shot on the front and at the back the collector’s cards found their place.
The labels carry the original RCA logo, of course with Nipper.

Last, but not least the back carries the track information, some shots from the movie and instructions to enlarge listening pleasure (take care of a good needle!).

Jailhouse Rock Vinyl 2010

I am one of those freaks who think that vinyl sounds better than CDs; also in this case my ears caught more depth than with the CD-version. For the remaining description of the music I point you to Kees’ view of last October, one of the scarce cases I fully agreed with him :-).


I can only say that FTD made me very happy with this product, I feel like a child that needs to show his birthday presents to visitors.


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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2010report abuse
Nice review, Lex. Yes, a big part of the appeal of the FTD Elvis vinyl re-issues is that most of us first encountered Elvis on wax and not shiny digital discs that are much smaller. So I've slowly gotten back into Elvis on true records, in some cases buying a few I had sold during the CD revolution. Despite some audiophile concerns that these are mastered from digital sources, not analogue, as the purists prefer, they still are on thick (180-gram vinyl) look and do sound great all the same, to my ears. The artwork is so much better in full size.

I have not gotten this yet but hope to this summer. There are a few dismissive types (either old fans who are now anti-vinyl or young ones who don't get it) but a few know the FTD vinyl titles are a blast.I love FTD"s vinyl records of "Standing Room Only," "The Jungle Room Sessions", and "Blue Hawaii," all 2-LP deluxe sets. I also picked up 2008's RCA Heritage / Sony vinyl re-issue of LPM-1254 "Elvis Presley" (1956) when in Nashville last year. Get that, too!
eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2010report abuse
i'll order mine as soon as it becomes available again.shopelvis doesn't have it re-listed yet.i really like these vinyl FTD releases...especially standing room only.
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2010report abuse
Good to see we can agree on things too :-)
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on May 15, 2010report abuse
Good review , and, indeed, this release is a beauty, artwork and soundwise ! A must for vinyl-fans ( i'm one of them ) Always El.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on May 15, 2010report abuse
Lex...thumbs up to your review and to me FTD have delivered on this and all there vinyl releases,as stated before only wish they (FTD) had decided to do vinyl issues far earlier in the series as i am sure they would of gone down well with 'vinyl lovers'.

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