Intimate With Elvis

By David WilsonApr 30, 2002
Intimate With Elvis
Cover Art For the cover of this release they used a shot of Elvis and had their way with some filters in an image editor. The booklet contains several screenshots (more on that later) from Elvis movies and the 1968 Comeback Special. Talkin' about "Intimate With Elvis", too bad they didn't use the "intimate" shot from the inside of the back cover. Inside the booklet we get an explanation from the producers explaining they wanted to o something special for the fans for the 25th Anniversary year. This enhanced CD (Rom) is the result. Content This release contains three sub sections: A Musical Selection, which is just the Linda Thompson home recording tape "it really" is Elvis This Time" Photo section, well this is just VCD & DVD put in a computer played paused and captured a picture here and there any one can do that. Nine of Elvis movies including the two colourised ones. Video Selection (68 Comeback Special outtakes) well more on this bit later. After the last Chezh CD "Lost Home Recordings" I thought the next venture would be something special to make up for the fake CD, that was released last time, but no it seems like the label is going from bad to worse, even the liner notes inside the cover seen to show that these people are in a some kind of world of there own stating "After almost a year of preparation, our eagerly awaited CD-ROM is finally here? And it goes on with comments like "More than 350 different pictures never published in any Elvis photo book!" well of course they haven't who in there right mind would freeze frame and capture pictures from various VCD & DVD releases? And state they were unpublished photos? As that is what has been done here and it's nothing special I can tell you. Finally the video section, here is a little from the e-mail sent to fans: - "This release contains more than 20 minutes of hot, rare Elvis footage - and when we say 'hot', we mean HOT! The nature of this footage certainly lives up to the title of this CD-ROM: you will not believe your eyes! The quality of this footage is outstanding, with some great close-ups of our Man". Well 20 minutes can't argue with that, rare/hot/outstanding footage. I don't think so unless you have just stepped out of the stone age, all we have is some out-takes from the 68 TV special, and the picture quality is as they say "you will not believe your eyes!" it is pure crap. It has been released in better quality on video and VCD, mostly in the orient, all they have done is scan through the six hours or so of out-takes and clipped together the close ups, and this section has been divided into four sections. The final section "Jokin' & Clowning" is just a little bit of one of the stand up shows, which has been out on VCD in far better quality than this. My advice if you haven't bought this CD/CD-ROM put your money back in your pockets, to my surprise I noticed on the back cover it has little thank you to the supplier of the video material, giving his name address and telephone number, which I find amazing for two reasons one being it's going you put fans off buying from this person in the future and it could lead to official problems due to copyright etcetera?
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