In The Beat Of The Night

By / KeesJun 1, 2007
In The Beat Of The Night
This book, which until now we only mentioned because the release date was postponed, tells the story of police men who had one or more – brief – encounters with Elvis. Design The book is a labour of love. You can see the author went through a lot of trouble for his project. Digging up stories and images. The only minor in the design department are the cartoons which illustrate several stories; why use a seventies style Elvis to illustrate a story that took place in the fifties? Content Elvis and the police, most fans know the link. After a short (one page) introduction on why Elvis had a soft spot for the police, this book tells the story of many policemen who encountered Elvis. The stories are told from their point of view. Most stories are funny, servicemen who unexpectedly met Elvis or who provided security services for our man. The stories vary from policemen who thought they were stopping a thieve in the middle of the night, ending up almost shooting Elvis doing some shopping in the quiet hours to people who fed carrots to Elvis horses on Sunday morning, with Elvis coming out to check who’s feeding his cattle. There is one problem reading this book, it contains (sweet) memories and anecdotes, no facts. This makes it hard to place or believe all the stories of Elvis’ police buddies, despite the subtitle “TRUE stories of Elvis and his police buddies”. But policemen don't lie now do they? :-) Conclusion The book was kind of funny to read, it tells some anecdotes and doing so it paints a picture of Memphis from the fifties through the seventies. But if everything happened the way it is remembered...?
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Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 25, 2007report abuse
It would be so helpful if you can provide the name of the author(s) when reviewing a book. Why go to the trouble of a review & leave out the author's name. I am having a hard time finding this book because I don't have the author's name. The picture on the cover doesnt come through well enough to read the title or author.
2kisses&3scarfs (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2007report abuse
This is a great little book! I've read over 200 books about Elvis, and it's refreshing to hear stories told by people who knew him but were not part of the "inner circle" and Memhis Mafia. Some of these stories made me smile and a few made me cry, but all of them were completely new to me. This is a very enjoyable read, and it's reasonably priced.
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2007report abuse
I can hardly wait to read this book! It sounds very entertaining - for once. Despite the reviewer having a hard time reading it because of the sentimental & sweet memories & anecdotes, most of us will enjoy it. If we want dirt & sensationalism (supposedly based on facts) we can read all the other stuff out there.
June (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2007report abuse
Didn't take me long to devour this book and it is so great. Except for a few heartwrenching descriptions made after his death, this book is filled with wonderful stories of the policemen who encountered Elvis from his happy days in the 'Courts' all the way through the 70's. Elvis always loved and respected Police and Firemen and they knew it. I love reading about Elvis driving through Memphis and witnessing traffic incidents on his way home....getting out of his car and helping direct traffic. So awesome. I live in Lauderdale Courts and walk the streets they describe, every day. I didn't know...even after reading more than 300 books already...that he carried his guitar just everywhere he went. I can easily visualise a teenage Elvis going across the street to the Christine School to serenade the kids. Thank you...MPD...and especially, Bob Ferguson, for giving this to us.

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