I Sing My Own Kinds

By ElvisNews.com / KeesApr 23, 2008
I Sing My Own Kinds
This “study material” CD form the SR label was released some time ago, but we finally tracked down a copy.


This CD comes as a digi-pack in the FTD style, but this one actually has liner notes ?. It looks a bit dark with black as the basic color.


The SR label already released two concerts from this series, the August 11, 1971 Dinner Show (Trying To Get To Memphis) and the August 17, 1971 Dinner Show (Setting The Standard). Now we get the previously unreleased Dinner and (part of the ) August 10, 1971 Midnight Shows.

This stint in Sin City shows the first signs of Elvis caught in the Las Vegas trap according to the press reviewing Elvis’ performances. The fans apparently don’t agree, Elvis sold out the series directly when the news was issued and he beats his own attendance record by attracting 4428 fans to his concert (the record would never be beaten because the fire department limited the number of visitors per show to 2000 people.

Listening to the show I find it very enjoyable, there is still a lot of spunk in the performances, o.k. not too much chatter in between the songs, but hey, the man is at work so no time for chit-chat. The rockers rock, he still does “Whole Lotta Shakin’”, a personal favorite, and “Bridge” Over Troubled Water, “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” and “You’ve Lost That lovin’ Feeling” get the treatment which make these songs show stoppers at a live performance.

The concert is enjoyable, the audio-quality unfortunately not. The producers made a good effort to make this recording sound as good as possible, even filling in gaps in the tape with snippets from an inferior recording to give the complete concert performance impression, but the overall quality of the tape isn’t very good and spoils the listening experience. But as with more concerts, this is probably the only way to enjoy this concert. Since Elvis concerts were short this season, this dinner show running at 57 minutes is actually a long show, we get seven tracks from the Midnight show of the same date, the remarks made for the first part of the CD apply here too with the addition that the audio-quality is worse.


An enjoyable - previously unreleased - concert for completists or "Elvis students" only.
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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 30, 2008report abuse
Let's not trivialize the Boston show: it's a very upbeat show on par with MSG a year later, and a real "rock arena" feel like that one. The excitement level and effortl is there and the packaging and much-improved sound of ONE NIGHT ONLY (the recent Madison) upgrade proved to be a revalation.... You did get that upgrade, right Steve? Otherwise, it's like hearing a diffent show, never mind the stellar Madison treatment in terms of photos and liner notes.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on May 3, 2008report abuse
Part of the reason the Boston gig was such a good show is down to "that stunning black matador suit"? Lord give me strength!
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2008report abuse
sorry but I don't agree at all. Not an overrated show at all! It's a fantastic show, many fans agree, second place in the import top 40. And that stunning black matador suit. What else can i say? A great madison and captain marvel record's release indeed.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2008report abuse
What about it? I thought it was a very overrated show. All 1970 shows were better and the NY Garden 1972 shows also. I never understood the fuss over that Boston show other than the fact that in a year of ho-hum shows, it stood out.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2008report abuse
?? What about Boston november 10th 1971, one night only. One of the greatest Elvis shows ever!!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2008report abuse
What a difference a year makes. Not one 1971 show comes anywhere near any 1970 show. The downward trend had started. 1972 was a bit better.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2008report abuse
You can't have enough Elvis Presley shows from 1971. These particular concerts will probably "never" be re-released in a better sound quality, so here's your chance. These re-releases are flooding the import market at the moment and I know for sure that many fans are sick and tired of these.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 25, 2008report abuse
The shows were solid,..Elvis gave his songs a fine treatment..he didn´t talk much which makes the shows a bit dry....my CDR is complete..I was wondering about missing bits mentioned above..

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