Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees

By ElvisNews.com / KeesDec 13, 2006
Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees
EPE thanked the fan club (presidents) again with their usual CD Christmas card. This year the title is “Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees”. Design After the modern 3D design from 2005 this year’s card goes back to the fifties with an adoption of a 1959 Christmas postcard Elvis send out to fans and fan clubs to say thank you and wish them happy holidays. It can’t be a more matching theme than this. The CD card comes with a (photocopied) personal message from Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley. Content This CD contains the track “Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees” a traditional sounding song written by his body guard Red West with Glen Spreen which was recorded May 15 1971 and first released on “Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas”. This song, one of the two Christmas songs co-written by Red West, really sounds like a classic song although it’s only 35 years old. This shows that some members from Elvis’ entourage could do something more that “hang around”. Funny is that the iTunes player this CD not recognizes as Elvis but as a CD from possibly as “Bran Van 3000” or “Rosho”. Conclusion A classic looking and sounding “thanks you” from EPE to the fan club presidents for their support to Elvis. Let's hope these don't end up on eBay for quick cash.
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