Hello From Dallas Via Satellite

Sep 29, 2003
Hello From Dallas Via Satellite
Recently released is the CD with the strange title “Hello From Dallas Via Satellite” in a very limited edition of 300 copies. Do we need it? Design The design looks very familiar since it is a copy of the famous Aloha From Hawaii album. The producers simply changed the picture projected on the earth. The CD contains the June 6th 1975 concert recorded live in Dallas. The pictures used in this release are from various times in the seventies, there are no sleeve notes. Content The June 6th 1975 concert from Dallas has been released on CD various times. First by the Dutch fan club It’s Elvis Time later by BMG on the Silver Box set “Elvis Aron Presley” and more recent on the Lone Star import label as "Dallas Seventyfive - Uncensored". So why a new CD release of the soundboard …? In all honesty we can’t answer this question. The cover art surely doesn’t look better and the sound quality doesn’t sound better, it is a copy of the "Dallas Seventyfife" release from Lone Star. The producers even copied the error in the cutting resulting in two starts of “Burning Love”. Conclusion Our conclusion is very simple, skip this one, you probably have it already.
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