Heartbreak Hotel (Chinese Release)

Oct 25, 2005
Heartbreak Hotel (Chinese Release)
Another “official” release from the Hong Kong area we found on eBay. Is it worth the few dollars these releases cost? Design Again a great package to look at. A well known image, Elvis’ name in 3D and two picture discs. We can’t help but wonder how someone who can make such an effort of the artwork makes such a mess of the text. We found the following “new” tracks on this CD: “Hunt Dog”, “Prisone Rock”, “Crying In The Church”, “I Just Can’t Help Believe In”, “Suepcious Minds”, “Do In Tuch Best I Can” and “Something Bule” … but on playing these “new” tracks we found that they are all songs we know … that was why these titles looked so familiar. The backcover mentions all rights reserved for : Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and ... Canada. But several other sentences are not complete either ... it shouldn't be too hard to check the text. Content The audio of this HDCD is supposed to be “DSD”, it features the logo, but we can’t hear it … the selection of tracks is a good one, besides the tracks mentioned above (guess you can figure out the original titles) it is a good selection featuring only good songs. “Hard Headed Woman”, “She’s Not You”, “Devil In Disguise”, “Burning Love”, Always On My Mind”, “I Want You I Need You I Love You and “That Someone You’ll never Forget” just to name a few. And if you like “Suspicious Minds” you’re in for a treat, the first disc of this 2 CD set features it twice, in a version with and a version without the fade-out in the end. Conclusion As with all the previous ones, consider it a gimmick release in your collection, looking at the price (they sell as cheap as $0,99 on eBay) it can be fun to collect them and have some of Elvis’ greatest tracks compiled in a different order giving you another compilation to choose from.
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