Have Some Fun Tonight

Oct 22, 2002
Have Some Fun Tonight
The latest release from the Czech Elvis Presley Fan Club is the CD 'Have Some Fun Tonight!', containing the February 3, 1970 dinner show. Design The cover shows Elvis live on stage and still looking great in a white suit. Too bad this picture of 'The Man In White' isn't in everybody's head when thinking of Elvis in the seventies. Inside we find a few good shots of Elvis (Including one from 'That's The Way It Is'). The shot behind the CD looks kind of 'funny', although we can't imagine what Elvis is thinking. Content This release is the second audience recording by Rick Rennie that the Czech Fan Club releases. The previous recording was 'International Earthquake'. Elvis really had fun on February 3 1970. His performance was really powerful and he still had the enthousiasm of the early days back on stage. He did not just a show on automatic pilot. In between the songs he really interacted with the audience and appeared to enjoy himself, so much that he messed around with the lyrics of 'Kentucky Rain' ("showed your photograph to some old gray fools") and had to laugh at his own joke, which gave him trouble finishing the song. Contentwise this is one of the better releases of the Memory Records label of the Czech Fan Club. It's a pitty the the recording itself (although remastered) isn't a good one. It sounds like Elvis is holding the microphone too close. Another show from this engagement (True Love Travels On A Gravel Road) suffers from the same problem (although more than this release), is this coincidence? Conclusion A good show to listen to, even in this quality. Thanks Rick for recording this one, thanks Pavel for releasing it.
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