Good Rockin’ Tonight

Feb 5, 2005
Good Rockin’ Tonight
As of January 1st. 2005 the Elvis’ first fell into public domain, what can we expect now? Design The CD is a budget CD and comes with a simple design, like we can expect with this kind CD. If the producers used their brains they would have made a link to the origin of these recordings, the legendary SUN studio and label. The design is used consequently on the front, back inside and CD itself. Content In contrary to previous budget release CDs this one does not contain the well known Hayride recordings but original SUN recordings. The audio quality is actually very good, it isn’t “Sunrise” or “Elvis At SUN” but before we had that release we didn’t have any thing else that recordings like these. So content wise we have no complaints, since these recordings started it all. The producers could have added more “free” songs to fill out the CD, but since we have those recording several times too, we don’t actually need those. As of January 1st. 2005 the Elvis’ first fell into public domain, so on this CD we find the thirteen recordings from 1954. The only question we have is, where did the producers get the recordings … or can we simply release a copy of this CD in a long line of essential ElvisNews CDs starting with Elvis’ first recordings. Conclusion The CD is probably one in a line of many SUN releases to follow. The next step is the addition of the 1955 tracks and after that … Elvis’ first RCA albums are up for grabs. The good thing is that none fans buying a cheap CD now get something better than the Hayride live recordings they could buy for a few Dollars or Euros.
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dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 21, 2005report abuse
here we go again happy as can be all good fellows and something to c . yo is right same old thing but at least they are trying i suppose . suppose great song by elvis
Aarons (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2005report abuse
Not another bunch of the same songs redone for another album. They must be getting desperate.

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