Going Back In Time

By ElvisNews.com / KeesAug 9, 2006
Going Back In Time
Is going back in time to hear Elvis perform on February 15, 1977 a trip worth making? Design The Producers of the new Straight Arrow label clearly looked at the new standard set by the Madison label and created a flashy design with a 16 pages booklet. The photo’s are from a concert three days after the actual concert on this second outing of the label because the few pictures in existence from the actual date made Elvis look bad, even by 1977 standards. On these Elvis doesn’t look to good either, but we can’t redo history. The liner notes are well written and place the concert is its historical perspective with details on Elvis career at that point in time and the concert at hand. Content The audio quality of this February 15, 1977 audience recording is very good. Elvis is nice up front pushing the band a little in the back, but that can’t be helped. Looking back, 29 years down the line, we wonder what attracted the sell out audiences to see this Elvis perform. He entertained the crowd and sometimes showed a little spark of what once was. Sparks during this concert were “You Gave Me A Mountain”, At one point everything starts to sound the same; long intro’s flat voice, Elvis loosing his lyrics, loosing his band, loosing his sound , loosing … everything. The entire show is finished purely on the automatic pilot by all on stage. No matter where Elvis looses it, he picks up a song and so does the band, like nothing happened. To top it, “My Way” with a false start, the song and a reprise to close the trio. But we must be honest, Elvis in this mental and physical state embodies the song, and listening to him, he knows it. After a long line of band member introductions, “Hurt” (a performance with some sparks again), “Hound Dog” and a closing theme it is over before you know it. A strange recording is “Tony Brown’s Orlando Hour”. On this tape we hear a soundboard selection of this concert with mainly Tony Brown on piano and Elvis in the distance. You can clearly hear how one band member followed Elvis voice on his instrument. The piano play appears to be simple; one hand just following the melody. It almost sounds fragile listening to a complete band and full house in the back. Conclusion This concert isn’t worth going back in time, mainly due to the person you actually want to visit. All you get are some sparks. The “Tony Brown” tape is fun to hear, this was something new to our ears. Track listing : 01 Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey") / 02 Opening Vamp / C C Rider / 03 I Got A Woman - Amen (medley) / 04 Love Me / 05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) / 06 You Gave Me A Mountain / 07 O Sole Mio (by Sherrill Nielsen) - It's Now Or Never (with long false start) (medley) / 08 All Shook Up (last live version) / 09 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) / 10 Help Me / 11 Big Boss Man / 12 My Way (with false start and with last part reprised) / 13 Band Introductions / 14 Early Mornin' Rain / 15 What'd I Say / 16 Johnny B Goode / 17 Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) / 18 Bass Solo (Blues - by Jerry Scheff) / 19 Piano Solo (by Tony Brown) / 20 Love Letters / 21 School Day / 22 Hurt (with last part reprised) / 23 Hound Dog / 24 Can't Help Falling In Love / 25 Closing Vamp / Announcements. Special soundboard bonus from 15.02.1977 / 26 It's Now Or Never (with long false start) / 27 My Way (with false start and with last part reprised) / 28 Hurt (with last part reprised).
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Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2006report abuse
A standard show from 1977 but one of the better. I do like the soundboard extras. Especially It`s Now Or Never with the piano really sounds good.....
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2006report abuse
having just recieved this 'Straight Arrow' CD i can say that it's an interesting one.Basically Kees seems a sharp reviewer and often right on the money.This is a 'good' CD in great sound(as Kees says) It isn't that Elvis's performance is that bad, just only a few highlights above the mediocre versions.Certainly in my ears MY WAY IS THE CD highlight! Hurt reprise also good, but the rest 'forgetable' the hard to hear Elvis & Tony Brown bonus is 'unusual/interesting' but not much more than that, It's Now or Never has the most audible Elvis vocal whilst (though interesting) i found it very hard to hear him on the other 2 tracks. With around 26 photos (from 3 nights later) and 5 on the disc itself whilst clearly(and it says this at length in the liner notes) NOT Elvis at his berst still the BEST representation of this night in Orlando so far. Worthwhile i found just for MY WAY alone.Clearly Elvis still had it on some songs!.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2006report abuse
i would like to say this, i enjoyed the show! the sound is very good for an audience recorded show. this tour was much better than the march, april and may tours of 1977. just listen to the cd's "coming on strong" and "cajun Tornado". I think I,m not the only one who enjoyed this never before released show (in this sound quality) for 1977 standards absolutely a good one and for the elvis in concert fans: grab it when you get a chance!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
does any of you fans know the website of the Straight Arrow label?

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