God Is My Shepherd

By ElvisNews.com / KeesDec 5, 2007
God Is My Shepherd

The new Wolf Call label spits out release after release. Should you keep up?


Creating the “design” of this compilation could not have taken longer than half an hour. The total design contains three well known pictures, no liner notes and fortunately a track listing with the titles and the out-take versions.


Contrary to previous releases on the Wolf Call label – they picked up where the Madison label stopped the “Legendary Performances” series - this compilation of out-takes actually has a theme; Elvis’ gospel performances. It contains eighteen alternate versions of sixteen gospel songs performed by our man. The so called producers of this rip-off series mixed the more sacred and more up-tempo songs. Personally I would have preferred two sections, a sacred one, suitable for Christmas, and the up-tempo section in which Elvis’ really has the spirit and get’s going. Personally those tracks are my favourites. But most fans will agree that this material is part of the better part of our man’s catalogue so content wise there can’t be too many complaints. The use of alternate takes – although nothing previously unreleased by others –makes this compilation sound a little different from the BMG compilations, but the takes don’t really differ from the mater versions. Somebody shouting “What the hell is this?” is not something you’ll find very often on a BMG gospel compilation.


These releases are made for the quick buck, and the producers are in a hurry, volume two is already announced. This is for CD collectors only or those who missed out on the original bootlegs with this material.

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sohigh (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 6, 2007report abuse
Yes, you're right - who need this pice of junk???
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 5, 2007report abuse
C-R-A-P.....no more no less..

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